Everything You Need For A Backyard Vacation

You don’t have to go away traveling with your family every time you are all off work and school together. Sure, it would be nice to enjoy a vacation every time you have a few free days, but that isn’t always possible. After all, going away to foreign destinations can end up being very expensive, so you might not be able to afford all that travel. In fact, even just going away on a staycation could prove to be quite expensive. There is one way to enjoy a vacation without leaving home, though – you just need to enjoy a backyard vacation!


What’s a backyard vacation, you ask? Well, it’s exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a vacation that you take in your own backyard. Don’t worry; it’s not quite as dull as it may sound. There are some awesome ways you can make this a fun few days for you and your whole family! Here are a few things to create a backyard vacation that you won’t ever forget. In fact, it will be so fun that the kids might keep asking to go on vacation in your backyard from now on!



Buy A Family Tent

You don’t need to sleep out in your backyard as part of your vacation, but it will certainly add an extra sense of excitement for your kids. They will love sleeping out under the stars for a change! Before they can sleep outside of course, they need a tent! It’s worth getting a family sized tent so that you can all enjoy a night sleeping out under the stars if you want to. You can see a few different family sized ones online at cotswoldoutdoor.com to get an idea of how much a new tent will cost. You might also want to purchase sleeping bags and a couple of blow-up mattresses to ensure that you can all get a comfortable night’s sleep in the tent.


Add A Pool

Wherever you go away on vacation, you might enjoy the hotel pool or spend a few days at the beach. You won’t be able to have that kind of fun in your own backyard, but you can try to recreate it by adding a pool or hot tub to your garden. As you can see in the blog posts on poolhottubs.com, it can actually be very easy to add a pool and hot tub. These will give the kids somewhere to cool off during the heat of the summer. Plus, they can also be a great place for you and your partner to relax once the kids have gone to bed! The maintenance for pools and hot tubs can be quite a lot, but you should be able to hire a local specialist to clean yours out every couple of months.


Don’t Forget The Outdoor Furniture

If you don’t already have any garden furniture in your backyard, it’s a good idea to find some for it right now. Furniture gives you another reason for using your garden as you will be able to enjoy al fresco dining. And I’m sure that you would enjoy lots of outdoor meals and barbecue if you had have gone away on a vacation, so why not recreate this in your own backyard?! You might also want to get a barbecue as well so that you can cook outside and then you won’t have to carry food all the way from your kitchen to your garden table!



Get Some Picnic Gear

Of course, for a bit of extra outdoor dining fun, you could buy a picnic set. That way, you aren’t always restricted to eating on the table. Young children will especially find this a lot of fun, and I’m sure they will want to enjoy a picnic most days throughout the summer! One of the best things about having a picnic is that the food is very simple. So, you don’t have to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen or trying for ages to light a barbecue grill! And, if you use paper plates, there won’t be so much washing up at the end of it!


Add Some Leafy Greenery

To make your garden feel more like a tropical paradise, you should add a few leafy greens to the plants. Adding some bushes and trees will help the kids create corners and nooks where they can hide and play. Not only that, though, but bringing more plants and flowers into your backyard will help to encourage a lot of wildlife into your garden. Kids will love spotting different kinds of birds and bugs, and doing so will help them while away a few hours when they are off school in the summer.


Bring Some Outdoors Inside

Why not think about bringing the outdoors inside into your home? This actually has many benefits. Bringing in lots of plants and greenery can help give your home quite a continental feel, but adding all that color can open up the rooms and give it the illusion of space. So, if you have small rooms, you might find that bringing plants into them can make them feel bigger. Not only that, though, but plants can also help to detoxify the air in your home as well. For instance, plants like the bamboo palm and the spider plant can successfully take toxins out of the air. All that fresh air will make it feel like you’re on vacation!


Make Sure There Is Shade

Don’t forget to add some shade to your garden if there isn’t any out there already. When you are on your backyard vacation, you will no doubt be outside for most of the day if the weather is good. However, if it is very sunny, you and the kids will need to stay safe in the shade to minimize the risk of sunburn. You will need to take other steps to minimize this risk as well, such as wearing sun cream.


Have a super fun backyard vacation!