5 Fall Prevention Tips For The Elderly

As people grow older, they need more care on all levels, physical mental and emotional. Considering the health issues and physical disabilities that are associated with aging, fall prevention becomes a critical aspect of senior care. Falls are a great risk for the elderly because they can cause grave injuries and fractures, which take more time to heal as compared to the younger population. Whether your loved ones live with you or in assisted care, you can take some fall prevention measures to protect them from injuries. Here are some tips that can help.



Give them plenty of room for movement

Seniors require plenty of space for free movement because they may require walking aids as they age. Congested spaces can cause falls and accidents in the rooms and other parts of the living space. The first thing to do, therefore, is to give them plenty of moving space for easy navigation. Ensure that they live on the ground floor so that they need not climb the stairs. The rooms of the living space should be at the same level, without any steps to hamper their movement.


Have non-slippery flooring and rugs

Slippery flooring and rugs is another absolute no-no in senior homes and living facilities. Wet flooring is a common, yet sometimes ignored, a cause of fall-related accidents. Similarly, the elderly can slip on a rug that is made of slippery materials. It is advised that senior homes have non-slippery flooring and rugs with a good grip are used to cover the floors securely. Community centers such as The Manor Village lay great emphasis on the safety of the residents and make sure that these safety measures are taken care of.


Take extra precautions for the bathrooms and toilets

Bathrooms and toilets are the riskiest areas of the home in the context of falls and accidents. Here, it is important to have non-slippery flooring that dries up fast. Buy them bathroom slippers that have a secure grip. Another safety tip for fall prevention in the elderly is to invest in hand railings to provide the extra support in the bathroom and toilet.


Use nightlights for extra visibility

Visibility is a major issue for older people and they have to be extra careful at night. Since seniors also have bladder control issues, they might need to reach out for the toilet repeatedly during the night. Having night lights installed in the living space is a good idea to provide them visibility at night and ease their movement too. The lights should be good enough to enable them to see clearly yet should not disturb their sleep.


Be there to help

Another key tip for fall prevention in seniors is to be there for helping them to move around. Those who are too old to move around independently need attendants otherwise they might end up falling down and hurting themselves. If they live in assisted care, there are attendants to look after them and assist them all the time.


As your loved ones grow older, your responsibilities towards them increase too. Good care and lots of love is something that keeps them safe and makes them happy. Even if they have to live in a community center, make sure that it is a place where they feel at home.