Future Family Savings To Think About Now

Managing your finances is a constant battle, and most of the time you can only focus on the present rather than the future. But soon the future will become the present and you won’t want to be caught short when it comes to paying for some of those big things. 


From getting a car to going to college, these milestones can feel like a long way away for your child. But if you start planning for them now and getting your savings in order, you can feel much more prepared for the future.


Take a look at some future family savings to think about now, as well as some great ways to save.



Things to start saving for now

While you can never be certain what the future will hold, it’s useful to start thinking about some of the possibilities and what can be done to prepare for them. Some large costs you could face over the years include:


Orthodontist treatments

It can be difficult to forecast whether orthodontist work will be necessary in the future, but this will become apparent as your child gets older. Finding a good orthodontist is important to help make sure your child gets the treatment they need. Some orthodontists offer payment plans, but it’s always good to have some savings in place.


First car

As your child becomes a teenager, your child will start pushing the boundaries more and strive to become more independent. But this independence can come at a cost. If you’re planning on buying a car for your teen in the future, start saving now, or consider some of the ways they might be able to pay towards their own car.


Prom and other activities

Your kids will go through many rites of passage – prom and school trips are some of the opportunities that will come their way. But as these things can run up various expenses, it’s handy to have a savings pot you can dip into to help cover these costs in the future.



College is the big one to have to save for, and you’ll want to consider saving for college while your kids are still young. While there are scholarships and other types of funding available, it helps to have as much in savings as possible. 


Now the next job will be to inspire your teen to go to college!


Saving for the future

Getting those savings together is no easy task, but saving as much as you can when you can will help. Some of the things you can do include:


  • Saving any salary increases over the years – if you can live off what you’re already earning, the increase can be a surplus that goes straight into savings.
  • Use cashback websites whenever you shop online to help you build up a healthy savings fun.
  • Try to save a proportion of any bonuses, cash wins or anything unexpected windfalls that come your way. 
  • Save up all of your spare change – you’ll be surprised how much you’ll end up with over the years if you kept every spare quarter!


Building up your savings takes time, but having different pots and a plan can help you get ahead of the game. Whatever your family’s future holds, at least you’ll have some savings to help you deal with what lies ahead.