Here’s Why Your Garage Is A Security Nightmare

A garage is great, right? It’s a perfect place to park the car away from the vagrants that roam the streets. It’s got lots of potential so you can change it into a bedroom, home gym or home office. And, a garage is a feature of the people, which means it adds value to a property.


Looking at these pros, you’d be right to think there are only positives to having a garage. The reality is very different. Believe or not, it has the potential to be the bane of your life. Why? It’s because of security reasons.


Below are the reasons why it’s not secure and how to tackle the issues.



Weak Windows And Doors

Windows and doors are the most vulnerable spot in any household. Even in the main part of the property, you have to ensure they are strong enough to repel burglars. A garage door is no different because the annex usually connects to the house and is a gateway into the property. Sadly, doors seem to be rickety and old and about to blow away. Windows are the same, too. The good news is that there is a simple solution: repair them ASAP. A tip to remember is that metal is sturdier than wood and plastic.


Stale Passwords

Technology means that homeowners have gadgets and gizmos at their disposal. Nowadays, garages are secured with electrical alarm systems that open and close depending on a password. Only you and your family know the code, so everything should be safe. Sorry, but this attitude isn’t very safety-conscious. Thieves won’t think twice about staking out a potential goldmine and copying the code. To make their life difficult, you should change it every couple of weeks. Also, mix up the numbers so that the buttons have similar wear and tear.


Misplaced Remote

Another modern feature is a remote clicker that opens and closes the garage doors. All you have to do is press a button and the shutters part like the Red Sea. It’s quick, easy and accessible, and these are the things that make a remote desirable. However, there is a safety issue because people are lazy or forgetful or both. A misplaced clicker is a huge deal because anyone can gain access to the house. Try not to lose it in the first place by attaching it to your keys. If it does go missing, then change it as quickly as possible.


No Cameras

For a feature that attracts criminal activity, it’s incredible how few garages utilize security cameras. By having one hanging over the top of the roof, it will scare away thieves merely because they can’t afford to take a risk. There aren’t as many issues with pixelation these days and that means the quality is high. It’s obvious, but the answer is to invest in a security system that burglars can see. Otherwise, they may continue regardless. Even if it is a dummy camera, it’s worth the money as it’s hard to tell what is real and what’s fake.


Does your garage have these problems? Is it a weak spot security-wise?



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