In Desperate Need Of Money? Here’s How To Get Cash In An Emergency

You’re at home watching tv, and yet there is a nagging thought in the back of your head. What was it you were planning to do? Suddenly a flood of water cascades through the ceiling and your bathtub falls through, destroying your tv and narrowly missing the cat. That’s when you realise. You were supposed to get a bath, and unfortunately, those taps weren’t going to turn themselves off. Now you have flood damage to contend with, a new tv to buy, and a new bathroom to consider. Disaster can strike at any time, and you may not have the money to deal with it! Okay, the situation we presented (check this video) was unrealistic, but you never know when something catastrophic might happen.


Okay, so hopefully you have saved money down the line to help you deal with any unexpected calamity, but if not, there are ways to get money in an emergency. Here are some of them.


Borrow money

This isn’t the most practical way, but it can help you get out of a sticky situation. Your bank could loan you the money, but you need to watch their interest rates. If you don’t have a good credit rating, you could try hard money lenders, but you may have to put something forward as collateral. Or you could borrow money from a friend or family member. In all cases, you will need to pay the money back at some point. Either that, or avoid giving your generous friend eye contact the next time you see her in the street, but that wouldn’t be fair, would it!


Sell your stuff

Got an old VCR gathering dust in the attic? Have some collectable items that you really aren’t bothered with anymore? Have clothes that no longer fit you? Sell them and make some quick cash. For larger amounts of money, you might even consider selling any items with gold or silver in them. You won’t get top dollar for them, but shop around online and on your high street for the best offers from coin shops and ‘We Buy Gold’ dealers.


Take on extra work

We aren’t saying get another job, as that would be difficult to sort out in an emergency. However, there are sites such as ‘Task Rabbit’ where you can offer your services to somebody who needs local help. This may be somebody who needs their dog walking or an older adult who needs help getting to appointments. You can check what’s available on your smartphone and earn some cash relatively quickly if there are people nearby. Go online now, and sign yourself up to one of these services in preparation for that next big emergency.


Contact your friends

In times of need, our friends should be there to support us. Otherwise, what’s the point in their friendship anyway, right? You may not feel comfortable getting a loan from them, but you could offer your services for payment, such as babysitting, pet walking, or house cleaning. They may also have things in their house that need selling, but if they can’t be bothered with the hassle, do it for them and keep a share of the sale. You might also consider blackmail if you have any dirt to dish on them, but what kind of friend would you be if you did that? Feed their budgie instead and pocket the cash they give you!



And so…

They are just a few ideas. You may have some of your own, so let us know what you think. Now stop reading and go and turn your bath off before the inevitable happens! Thanks for reading.


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