Don’t Let this Plumbing Advice Go Down the Drain

One of the most vital features of your home that you want to keep running as smoothly as possible is the drains. A clogged drain is unexpected and always seems to come along at just the wrong time. But there are a few ways that you can reduce the possibility of this happening with some simple maintenance advice which is worth following. Get into some good habits and you can reduce the likelihood of needing to call out the plumber.



Be Careful What You Throw Down the Drain

To start off with, you should take extra care with what you are throwing down the drain. There are plenty of things that can cause it to clog up including hair, food particles, grease and oil. Though it takes a little bit more effort to scrape your plates into the trash rather than washing everything down the sink, it will be worth it if you can keep everything running clearly for as long as possible.


Use Strainers

Following on from the last point, you can stop debris and other particles from clogging up your drain by using strainers to filter food residue from your pots and pans. Get into a habit of doing this every time you cook a meal and you can help ensure that only liquids pass down your sink.


Install Some Screens Over Your Drains

A simple and inexpensive way of stopping large particles from getting down the sink is by installing some screens over the top of the drains in the shower, bathtub and kitchen sink. Rather than getting clogged up in the pipework of your home, they will get caught up on the screen and you can simply pull everything out and throw it away in the bin.


Use Your Garbage Disposal Properly

There is no doubt that the garbage disposal is a highly useful tool to have in your household, but you need to ensure that you are using it in the correct manner. To start off with, before adding any food, you should ensure that both the water and disposal are turned on. After you have used the disposal, you should allow the water to run for 15 seconds to allow the particles are entirely flushed down the line. Avoid throwing any fibrous waste down there such as banana peel, potato peel, and celery. Coffee grounds should also be thrown in the regular trash as these can result in blockages as well.


Reduce Bathroom Clogs

When you are taking a bath, you should avoid filling it up with too many bath oils as these can accumulate down the drain over time and cause it to get clogged up. Also in the bathroom, you should Watch what you are putting down the toilet as it should be reserved for human waste only and not any other larger objects which are going to result in blockages.


Get Into the Habit of Checking for Leaks

You should get into the habit of spending around 10 minutes a month going around the house and checking for leaks in the areas where there are likely to be some. So, you can inspect the pipes, sewers and sinks, as well as flushing the toilets in the house. The quicker you identify any leaks and other problem areas, the sooner you can complete repair work and prevent any sort of wastage. Take the time to do this and you can end up saving yourself a great deal of both cash and effort.



Flush the Drain Through with Hot Water

If you have thrown any grease or any other blockage-causing items down the drain, it is especially important that you prevent bigger build-ups by pouring some hot water down there. However, you should get into the habit of flushing the drain through with warm liquid anyway. Boil some water and slowly pour it down all of your household drains. You can even do it twice if you are unsure. After you have done this, finish off the job by running some cold water down there for around a minute.


Soften the Water

While hard water has the tendency of leaving residue in the pipes which can restrict the flow rate, softer water doesn’t have this same problem. You can request a test to obtain hard water, and then request a plumber like ABC Home & Commercial Plumbing Services. They can install a water softener to counteract or even dissolve minerals.


So, there is some simple plumbing advice which is worth following to keep your drains running smoothly.


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