3 Natural Ways To Banish Weeds From Your Garden For Good

Some of you may view owning a garden as a poisoned chalice. On the one hand, you have a beautiful outdoor area that adds something extra to your home. On the other hand, you have a big responsibility that requires lots of regular maintenance. Things grow in your garden, many of which are out of your control! 

While plants and flowers are lovely things to grow, weeds will often come with them. Nobody likes weeds as it adds an overgrown element to your outdoor space. They don’t serve a purpose other than to annoy you! So, let’s look at ways in which you can banish these weeds for good. Before we get started, it’s worth pointing out that all of these ideas are natural and don’t include the use of chemicals.

Pull up or cut down the weeds

Firstly, you have to physically remove the weeds from your garden as best as you can. Two different tactics spring to mind, one of which is more convenient than the other. If you are short on time – or have loads of weeds to take care of – consider using a weed trimmer to handle all of the dirty work. Something like the Works GT Revolution will be ideal, and it basically means you can trim the weeds down as low as possible. If you have more time on your hands – or hardly any weeds – get some gardening gloves on and rip them up. Obviously, the reason you do either of these things is to remove the weeds and get them under control. 

Cover the weeds to kill them

Physically removing the weeds will do a great job of tidying up your garden. However, the weeds themselves still might linger on. This means they will return in a few weeks time! To curb this, cover the weeds to stop them from growing. Here, you deny them the natural light they need to survive. Effectively, they wither and die. You can use small boxes to do this, or some people have success with newspapers. 

Use mulch around your plants

Another idea to kill weeds and stop them from re-growing is by laying down some mulch around your plants. For those that don’t know, mulch is basically a material you lay down over the soil to keep it moist and in excellent condition. It comes in many varieties, but you should consider organic mulch for this job – like shredded bark or wood chippings. By using mulch, you protect the soil around your plants and kill the weed seeds below. Again, you starve them of precious light, but the organic mulch brings another benefit. Here, you will get some little critters and bugs that live in the mulch and gobble up the weed seeds below. As a result, you’ll see far fewer weeds in your garden!

Keep your garden in excellent condition by getting rid of weeds once and for all! Use these tips to de-weed your outdoor space and prevent them from coming back. As you can see, it’s all possible without spraying toxic chemicals all over your garden.