3 Signs Your Marriage Is Still Worth Saving

The honeymoon period was never going to last forever, was it? The early years of a marriage are often fun, exciting, and full of romantic passion, but as time moves on, various problems can occur.

When children arrive on the scene, there can be a strain put on a marriage. Work commitments can sometimes get in the way too. These are just a couple of the reasons why couples are driven apart, and why they might then ask themselves the question: Is this the end of our relationship?

The first thing that needs to be said is this. If your marriage can be saved, then you should work hard at it. All relationships go through ups and downs, but calling it quits isn’t always the right answer. 

While you should consider the services of a Family Law Firm if the relationship is beyond repair, you should also take a step back before that decision, as there might be signs your marriage is worth saving. Consider the following, for example.

#1: Problems can be rectified

There will be instances when the problems in your relationship can’t be rectified very easily. If you or the other person has been unfaithful, for example, trust will be lost, and it might be hard to regain confidence in one another again. There might also be instances of emotional and physical abuse within the relationship, and for the health of the injured party, the relationship might need to end. 

But if solutions can be found to the issues within the relationship, then they should always be considered. It might be a financial problem, for example, as money worries are often the catalyst for arguments and divorce. Or it could be an issue with time, and not having the opportunity to be with one another. Both of these issues can be resolved, but you will both need to work at them.

So, consider the problems in your relationship. Can they be overcome?

#2: The spark can still be re-ignited

If you need to bring back that spark to your marriage, then do so. Don’t let it fizzle out forever because of your busyness or the disputes that are between you. Especially when there is still love between you, it is important to do what you can to ignite it.

So, you might take time out for date nights. You could both spend more time at home together. A gentle touch here, a kiss there, and an affectionate word in the ear can also help, as it might encourage romance again. The keyword here is ‘connection.’ If you don’t connect, that spark won’t be re-ignited. So be with one another, and make one another the priority over those things that are putting a bridge between the two of you. 

#3: You don’t want to picture a life without your partner

If you can’t picture a life without your partner, that probably means you still have feelings for them. Yes, you might argue occasionally, and yes, you might dislike each other at times, but as this can be natural for any relationship, there is no reason to throw in the towel just yet.

If love exists, don’t give up. If you value their companionship, don’t drive them away from you. Get couples counseling if you need that extra support, because if you value your life with your partner, you don’t want to let go if your marriage can still be saved. 

Is your marriage still worth saving? If you can spot the signs that it can, don’t give up! Work at your relationship, talk to one another, and seek that extra support if you think it will help your marriage.