5 Tips To Make Your Home A More Healthy And Secure Place For Kids

Home is a heaven for kids or to be called one the healthiest and safest place after mother’s lap. But more than 3 million kids get hurt each year at their homes due to a number of reasons. As it is very hard to avoid these accidents, an initiative can be taken to avoid serious injuries to a far extent. Therefore, to keep your home safe, here we came up with 5 tips that help to avoid unintentional injuries to your kids. Read till the end to find the pitfalls in your home and fix them now to save your kids.

Guard Against Scalding

Accidents with hot water are very common, especially when you take children for a bath. This could be due to not adjusting your heather’s settings. So, temperature exposed to 140 degrees F of water results in serious accidents. Set your heater’s settings to 120 degrees F and always check the water temperature before placing your kid in the bathtub. You can use your elbow to check the temperature for accurate results.

Watch Out For Windows

Most kids get injured when they tumble out of a window. To protect children, it is important to install window guards that won’t open for kids more than 4 inches. In case of emergency, adults can break the glass. With this, do not forget to remove anything installed near the window, such as the table sofa or bed. Even if you have installed blinds and shades, you need to be a little more careful when the kid is in the room.

Renovate Carefully

Renovating your home is the best way to create more space for kids. And even cover minor dents in the house that proves to be dangerous for kids. Keep in mind, renovating itself is not an easy job. You need to be careful about lots of details, especially risks associated with chemicals and materials used for renovation. You can either call 800-424-LEAD or check the National Lead Information Center for assistance from a contractor or an inspector that measures the lead level at your home and water.

Replace Old Devices With Secured Ones

Replacing your old device with new ones is the best and safest way to keep children secure. For instance, if you are using a traditional gas or wooden fireplace, replacing it with a new electronic fireplace is a great alternative. Because technicians conduct a thorough assessment with the best electric fireplace ideas to keep your home and kids secured. Even the traditional fireplace has one disadvantage that they release carbon monoxide while burning, which affects your kids’ health.

With the traditional fireplace, you need to install Carbon Monoxide deterioration for the safety of kids. But installing an electric fireplace can help you to cut additional costs. Similarly, look for the other obsolete devices and look for change now.

Lock Up Poisonous Products

There are a number of poisonous products available at home. But we pay attention to a few things such as cleaners, medicines, and cosmetics. Whereas others like perfume, mouthwash, bath oil, aftershave, and vitamins all get ignored. However, these are too dangerous for your kids. Therefore, find out all the poisonous products at home and put them in a locker or away from your kid’s reach.

Keeping children’s safety is a priority for every parent. So, follow the above-mentioned tips and check out improvements required in your home.