6 Ways to Make Your Car Look Like New

Cars can be a great way to make a huge statement on the road. The right car can be the first thing people see as they drive by, and the first impression can be a lasting one. The small details and mods can change things, too. The car can be the way you’re most comfortable or something you can make your own, so how can you preserve the pristine look of your car? Well, car maintenance is the key.

Also, comprehensive insurance cover means that we get the repairs done rather than leave them when they have been caused by an accident where no other driver was involved. Online company onesureinsurance.co.uk can help with that. So, there are many things you can do to maintain and extend the lifespan of your car. Read more.

How Do You Make Your Car Look New?

Cars are used for a lot more than just going around in circles with your friends. They are a means of transportation, a second home, a place to store items and do things. Your car can be pretty much anything you want.  

Cars can be a big investment, and as they get older, they can start showing their age. Over time, your car—especially if it’s a newer model—will likely start to show signs of wear and tear. It will have accumulated a few dents and scratches and may even have faded paint. Not to worry, there are ways to retain the “always-looking-new” aspect of your car.  

If you want to make your car look like it’s brand new, check out this list of 5 ways to make your car look like new:

1. Repair the dents and scratches on your car. Car dents, scratches, and dings are common problems. They make your vehicle look old and worn out. In addition, they make your car look bad. Car dents and scratches can be repaired, but it takes a lot of work and some car polish and touch-up paint. To fix the dents and scratches in your car, you will need a body filler to fill in the holes and scratches. A body filler is a type of putty that can be used to fill in all kinds of holes and scratches on your car.

2. Replace your windshield wipers. The windshield is a big part of your car. It is also vulnerable to damage from the elements. One of the most common damages that windscreens incur is rain and snow that leaks through your wipers and drips onto your windscreen. If left to go untreated, this can lead to permanent damage to your windscreen.

3. Repainting is the new car facelift. To give your car a facelift, there are so many ways to go about it. Whether you want to replace the entire body or just the outside, replacing the paint is the easiest to make it look nice.

4. Keep it clean. Sometimes the most effective way to keep your car looking new is to make it look like it’s new. We all want to preserve our cars for as long as possible since we’ll be driving them for years to come. A well-maintained car will give you reliable transportation, save you money on fuel, and keep you safe on the road. That’s why one of the best ways to make your car look like it’s new is to keep it clean.

5. Invest in car care products. Car care is a big deal, and so are car care products. Are you the type of person that simply doesn’t mind being dirty and greasy all the time? Then you may want to consider a detailed spray, which can help remove dirt and grime, give your car a glossy finish and help maintain its shine and protection. Or, if you want to spend a little more money, you can invest in a clay-based or detailing clay and add another layer of protection to your car’s finish.

6. Opt for comprehensive insurance cover. Otherwise, the temptation if we cause damage to our car is not to do anything about it because it can cost a lot to deal with the more major dents and scratches. This will be when there was no other driver involved wanting to claim off our insurance policy anyway. However, when you have comprehensive car insurance, you can claim for damage that might look minor but would prove expensive to have the car look like new again. So, if you have kept your policy excess low by not increasing it in exchange for a temptingly lower premium, give thought to this.

 If you’re looking to give your car a fresh new look, you’d be amazed by the number of products on the market to make your ride look new again. They range from car wash kits, waxes, cleaners, polishes, car polish sprays, tyre shine, and even car detailing sprays. Some of these options are more expensive than others, but they all have one thing in common: they make your car look new.


The most obvious way to make your car look new is to put on a protective cover. But if that’s not appealing to you, there are other ways to spruce things up. For example, if your car has been sitting outside for a while, you could wash it and wax it to improve its appearance. You could also clean the interior with a vacuum. With comprehensive insurance cover provided, a vehicle that has been damaged by its owner can be repaired for just the cost of a compulsory and/or voluntary excess.