Accident At Work? Here’s What To Do!

There is nothing quite as embarrassing as falling a victim to an accident at work. Falling over in front of your colleagues is hard, but recovering from an injury is just as hard! You don’t want to take time off but some workplace injuries are much worse than others. Becoming a victim to an injury at work requires a process to get over it, so if you have an accent in your workplace, check out the list of things that you should be doing to recover.

  • Sit and focus on the injury. This is the most important thing that you can do when you are injured at work. Your first-aider should have treated the injury in the workplace so that there’s a record of it, and if you haven’t been treated at work you should ensure that your personal injury lawyer knows this. If you don’t know who the first aider is, stay still and wait for someone to help you.
  • Speak to a doctor. Even a minor injury needs to be documented by a professional as this will help your case if you need to go for compensation. Always get a full assessment of the injuries at a professional doctor’s office or a hospital. Bear in mind that any severe injuries in the workplace should be handled by ambulance and calling one to your place of work will get you to the right health professionals much faster than if you waited. This isn’t the moment to consider a personal injury claim, and keep someone with you to help you out in the hospital, too. Concentrate on your health as much as possible.
  • Report your accident to your colleagues, and ensure that you make the right people aware of what’s happened. If there has been an accident that could also affect other people, you need to help your management team review what’s happened and make the correct changes. You have a moral obligation to ensure that others don’t fall into the same injury trap that you have.
  • Speak to your manager. It’s important that you talk to your management team about your injury and how it happened. Telling your manager about the accident means that there are protocols to follow and the accident should be reported accordingly. There should be an accident book filled in, and your employer may be legally obliged to report the accident to a health and safety board. If your employer brushes off the accident or does not report it properly, they could be in breach of their own protocols.
  • Take some evidence with a phone camera. Video and photo evidence are going to help you with your case, and if your employer refuses to acknowledge it all, speak to your lawyer about it. If they don’t pay attention to the incident and record it in the accident book, you could resign and then sue for constructive dismissal.

You can never take too much evidence when you have been put at risk. Make a note of everything from your environment to the injury and be prepared to hand it over to the insurance company.