5 Fun Activities To Get Your Kids To Love Gardening

Today, we welcome Ann Katelyn from SumoGardener.com as our guest blogger!  She’s a wonderful writer who is excited to share her gardening passion with you.  Sharing our loves with our children is something that we do often as parents, although sometimes we may not know exactly how to share our hobbies on a level they will understand.  So I turn the stage over to Ann so that she can share 5 ways that you can share your love of the great outdoors and your garden with your children!


Are your kids constantly on their phones, missing the many wonders of nature? Spring is a gorgeous season, with new buds sprouting and plants getting loaded with colorful flowers and fruits. It provides ample opportunity for fun, playing, exploring, and learning. But kids, nowadays, are too busy on their phones, TVs, video games, and such, to truly appreciate and enjoy the treasures in your garden.



Gardening is not only healthy for their little body and minds but will also help them get closer to nature.  Here are 5 fun activities to get your kids to love gardening and be excited about it:


A butterfly garden

Kids love to play with butterflies. So, why not create your very own butterfly garden to get them outdoors! Planting a butterfly garden is not as hard as you might think. All you need to do is grow the plants and flowers which butterflies like to feed on & lay eggs on. You can choose the best and the most visible spot in your garden and grow the plants. You would also need to do some research on the type of butterfly you want in your garden and grow the plants accordingly. You can grow plants like common milkweed, blue cardinal, marigold, oriental lilies, butterfly bush, daylily, sage, oregano, and more. You can also hand some interesting and cute butterfly feeders from your tree branches and let your kids feed them.



Let them paint the pots

If you have a blooming and flourishing garden, you will have lots of pots too. Children love to paint and color. So, why not let them paint all the garden pots! Ask them to come out to the garden and paint them outdoors. Let them observe the nature and be inspired by its smell, colors, and sound. It will be fun, interesting, and something that will help your kids learn. Not only will it be a fun activity for them but it will also make your garden more colorful and vibrant. You can decorate your kid’s artwork and your plants proudly.


Let them plant their favorite fruits

One of the best ways to get them outdoors is to let them grow their favorite fruits. Let them try their hands at gardening. They can plant the seeds, water them daily, and observe them grow. Giving them the responsibility of taking care of the plant will teach them to be more sensible and dependable. You can get the best grass seed spreader in the market to help them with the seeding process. There are many small and hand-held ones so that they can handle them easily and effortlessly. They will love to see their favorite fruits take shape, grow, and get ripe so that they can devour them.



Build bird feeders

Birds are beautiful, independent, and charming. Their constant presence in your garden will force your kids to go outdoors and explore. They will love to see and play with the different kinds and colors of birds in your garden. What you need to do is build a bird feeder so that your garden gets regularly visited by hungry birds. You can easily DIY your bird feeder with old plastic bottles and jars. Hand them from the branches and drill holes in them, big and airy enough for the birds to enter and eat. We can assure you, your kids will absolutely love and adore the birds and get more interested in your garden.



Create an earthworm motel

Kids love to get dirty and play with mud and soil. This is the perfect opportunity to get them interested and excited. Building an earthworm motel is easy and exciting. You will need a large empty bottle filled with sand and dirt in alternate layers. Let your kids dig into the ground of your garden for earthworms. Put them in the container and add some water to make the soil-sand combination moist. Your kids will love the entire process. They can showcase their earthworm motel in the garden.


Getting your kids excited and interested about the garden is an interactive process. Make sure that you participate and teach them through the entire fun and exciting process. These simple and fun activities will help your children create some of the best outdoor memories of their childhood.


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