Adult Only Items In The House

One of the phrases that I hated hearing my mother say when I was young was, “You’ll get to have that when you’re older”.  Adult only items frustrated me because in my own self-centered mind, I should be able to have anything that you can have too!  Now that I’m older, I fully understand the concept – and even have some adult only items in my house that my children aren’t allowed to touch.  I guess that’s part of growing up – the things that frustrated you about your parents are the habits that you wind up picking up and passing along.



Alcoholic Beverages

While we are by no means alcoholics, it is nice to sit down after a hard day and enjoy a glass of wine (or if you’re my husband an ice cold beer).  When the weather is nice, I enjoy traveling to some of the semi-local wineries for a girls day.  I mean, it’s a fun day getting away from the children, enjoying the beautiful location while sipping on a nice glass of chardonnay.  Whether you get your wine at the local grocery store, or through a club deliver system like Naked Winery, or the winery itself, there are plenty of flavors to suit every taste bud.


Bedroom Toys

This one needs no further diving into.  Whatever kind of “toys” you and your spouse like to use, these adult only items can definitely spice up your relationship!



While I’ve never tried it myself, there are many people who swear by the effects of cannabis products.  Healthcare Dispensary sells many products with cannabis oil in them (oils, lotion and more) that may fit your fancy.


Electronic Systems

Depending upon the rules of your house, there may be electronic items that your children aren’t allowed to touch.  My laptop and my husband’s computer are those items for us.  While the kids have access to the kids desktop, I don’t want them touching my computer.  And, that’s perfectly alright.  I’ve got too much important stuff on here, from blog items to photo storage, my laptop contains may irreplaceable things.  They are quite able to share their desktop.  It teaches them patience and to take turns.


While I love my children, it’s okay that there are things in my house that they are not allowed to use.  Having adult only items shows kids that there are things in this world that they won’t be able to participate in or with, and it’s a lesson that they should learn.


What things do you have in your house that are off limits for your children?