What To Do When Aging Parents Need Help

If you have aging parents that need to stay safe and healthy, especially amongst the current health pandemic, and they need help to be safe, then you need to think about how you can help them. However, you need to think about how you can help them, but do so in ways that will actually make a difference to them. Offering them some independence, but still being part of their care is important. It can be tough to know where to start with it all. You need to know their needs, what the options are for them, and then help in making the choices that will impact the outcome. 

To help you, if this sounds like a situation that you are in, then here are some tips and some words of advice. You don’t want them to be unhappy, but equally, you won’t be able to do absolutely everything for them. So here is how you can help your aging parents to be as happy and as healthy as possible.

Assess your parent’s needs

When you are caring for a parent, then it can leave you feeling quite overwhelmed. In part, because it can be sad to see them not functioning as you have known them to, and also in part because you aren’t sure of the correct things to help them, especially if they have some complex needs. So in order to solve that problem, it is a good idea to take a step back from the situation, in order to really understand what the needs are and what you can really do to help. It can be a good idea to write things down in a notebook, so that you can check and monitor what the needs are, and you can also write down details of appointments or other care details when you know them. 

Your needs and abilities

In order to care for your parents in the ways that are needed, you have to assess your own life. For starters, are you close enough to be able to drop in each day or would you need to hire someone else to do this? Not only location and proximity, but have you got the skills or abilities to do all that is required? Have you got your own family that need your care and attention as well, or perhaps a demanding career? When you know the answers to these questions, you will be in a better position to know what your limitations are, and what will be required to fill the gaps.

End of life care

It can be a hard topic to think about, but it is important to think about potential end of life care, if your parents are in a position where they won’t be too long for this world. Would bringing them into your home work with your situation, or would it be better to arrange with a carer to visit them in their home until the end? Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that you can read more about your options, should medical malpractice occur. 

Have you got any other thoughts or ideas about how you can best care for aging parents? It can be a difficult topic, but as it is something so many of us will go through, it is good to talk about it.