I’m an Almost Famous Blogger and I have the Shirt to Prove It!

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I’ve been working on this here blog for about two months now.  I’m quite pleased with how it’s been going.  My page views have been steadily rising and I’m starting to get some interaction both in comments here and on the social media accounts.  I owe that, in great part to you, my wonderful readers.  I couldn’t be doing this without you and I appreciate it and thank you from the bottom of my heart that you take the time to read my ramblings.

My husband gets the wonderful privilege of being my sounding board.  He gets to listen to my ideas for my future posts, my thought process behind upcoming series and my questions on which direction to take things.  He also gets the joy of hearing about my dreams for this little blog.  Someday, it will be big.  Someday, I will be a famous blogger.

We joke about my dreams sometimes.  When my page views starting rising, I become so thrilled and deemed myself an “almost famous blogger”.  When browsing the internet a few days later, I stumbled upon this shirt and knew that it was destiny for it to be mine.  I searched through several of their shirts, creating a little wish list of all the new items that would hopefully be joining my wardrobe someday.

Because really, I mean, how adorable are these shirts?!?  There are several others as well.  I put together an “I want it” list Here.  Just click the link there (well, where it says “here” back there in the last sentence) to see them.

These shirts are sold through SunFrog.  They’re a good company.  I’ve ordered from them before so I didn’t hesitate to order again when I saw this.  They ship out pretty quick and arrive usually within about 10 business days from ordering.  They didn’t shrink on me, which is good, and run pretty true to size.  I just adore my shirt, and I think you would too!

Which is your favorite of the blog shirts?

If you get one, be sure to share a picture below.

I’d love to see it!

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