Animal Magic: How They Help Us Love Life

There have been quite a few recent studies that have shown owning a pet can help improve mental health conditions. That’s because the monotonous act of petting the likes or a dog or cat can help the brain calm down and deal with negative thoughts and emotions. But there are hundreds of other ways animals improve our lives. One way is that they can help us really love life again. Just take the following for example.



They Encourage Us To Be Enthusiastic

Animals are incredibly enthusiastic about all manner of things. If you already have a dog, you will probably already know that canines get super excited whenever you mention the word “walkies” to them. And this is one leaf that we should take from their book. Plus, animals never seem to wake up in a bad mood. They always get out of bed straight away and are happy to get on with their day immediately. If only we could be more like them in this way!


They Play An Important Part In Medical Treatment Research

Animals are also playing an incredibly important part when it comes to medical research for new treatments and diagnosis processes. If you take a look at, you will instantly see all the good that animal research is doing when it comes to finding new ways to fight tumors. Don’t worry, the animals are well looked after and everything is carried out to very strict regulations so that the animals’ welfare is never in any doubt.


They Show Us How To Get On With Others

We’re told that we can’t be expected to get on with everyone, and that we should always try and be civil with everyone we meet, even if we can’t stand them. So, how do animals find this a lot easier than we do?! In fact, animals seem to get on with absolutely anyone, whether it’s another animal or a human. Maybe this is something that should inspire us – if animals can be friends with everyone, maybe we just aren’t trying hard enough. There are some great tips on how to try and get on with more people at sites like



Pets Are Super Happy Just Being Themselves

May humans really struggle being themselves and they don’t always feel comfortable in their own skin. Does that sound like you? If so, you might want to think of taking some inspiration from your pets. As you can see, every animal is always incredibly happy just being themselves. I’m sure that you could probably list five faults that you think you might have, but I bet an animal wouldn’t be able to tell you any faults of theirs if they were able to talk! They are just super comfortable being who they are, and this is something that we should definitely try and copy.


As you can see, animals are incredibly important in our lives for a number of reasons. But the main one has to be because they can help us love life!


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