Why Antibiotic Overuse Is A Problem For Kids

Parents are hardwired to react when their kids are in pain or discomfort. Whether it’s a significant problem or an ache or pain, you want to help them recover. Thankfully for parents, antibiotics are on hand. You don’t even need a prescription because you can buy them over-the-counter.


Thanks to this handy medicine, your kids will be fit and healthy for years to come; at least, that’s how moms and dads think. The reality is that overusing antibiotics is one of the world’s most pressing health problems according to the CDC.


Here are the reasons why it’s imperative to use them responsibly.



They’re Becoming Resistant

Pneumococcal infections are among the most common form of bacteria that are resisting medication. What’s bad about this is that they are the cause of routine problems for kids. These infections are the main culprits for the contraction of pneumonia and meningitis as well as ear and sinus infections. While the former is dangerous, the latter are too as failure to treat them properly can lead to permanent damage. With the right equipment, you can bring your life into focus for sure as technology advances. Still, it’s better for kids not to have to deal with a mature health problem at such a young age.


Children Aren’t Fully Formed

Harmful bacteria are hazards as they impact children’s health and wellbeing. You may think this is the same for adults, yet it isn’t because grown-ups are fully formed. Because kids still have a long way to grow to reach maturity, a benign problem which escalates out of control may affect them for the rest of their lives. And, with no medication or vaccines to fight back, the result is almost inevitable. Thankfully, antibiotics will protect your kid’s health for the long-term as long as they are still effective.


Drugs Don’t Discriminate

The problem with popping a pill is the level of unpredictability. Although it helps destroy the bad bacteria in a person’s body, it also eliminates the good ones too. After all, the drugs don’t have an in-built satellite navigation system. Typically, antibiotics wipe out the bad stuff so that people can get better and recover, yet overuse muddies the waters. Kids that take them too often will remove the microbes which help to regulate the body, and this can result in health problems. For example, they may suffer from diarrhea as their gut isn’t able to properly digest food.


Self-Medication Is A Bad Habit

Children learn from their role models – their parents. What they learn in early age they repeat later on in life, from eating healthily to taking an aspirin when they feel “off.” Self-medicating as an adult is not a smart move for many reasons, mainly drug abuse. Although it seems like a stretch, lots of addicts develop an obsession through pharmaceutical products. Plus, taking a pill is a substitute for seeing a doctor and everyone needs to check in with their physician to ensure everything is fine.


How do you balance the need to help your children with not overusing antibiotics?