The Antidote To Moving Stress

It’s quite likely that you have enough stress in your life, without increasing it. Unfortunately, some of the biggest and most worthwhile things we want to do in life like starting a family, changing jobs, and moving house can be demanding too. Of course, that doesn’t mean we should avoid doing them. Instead, we just need to find a way of reducing the pressure that they cause. To that end, the post below is all about how to move without having a mental or physical breakdown. Yes, it really can be done! Read on to find out more.




This one is going to be tough for all the control freaks out there, but it really can be useful to delegate some of the tasks associated with moving house, rather than try to do them all yourself. For example, if you have kids and they are old enough, make them responsible for packing up their own rooms before the move. If it’s, you and your partner divide things equally between you including the packing and the canceling of utilities.



Also, don’t forget to consider using a local removalist company to help you share the load on the day. After all, if you can arrive at the new place with at least a little of your energy left you are much more likely to get your unpacking done in a decent time and settle in much quicker.



Next, don’t forget that you can save yourself a lot of stress and hassle if you get into the habit of labeling things as you pack them up for the move. It is something that only takes a moment, especially if you have some sticky labels and pens on hand, and it can help you know exactly where everything is once you are in your new place. You can ever get super fancy and then write down on a master list what is in each box, something you can rearrange as a guide to where these boxes should be placed in the new home.  


Plan for your last night and first night

Lastly, don’t forget to have a plan in place for your last night in the old place and the first night in the new one. This is something that can really make the whole experience of moving so much less stressful.


What will you eat when the kitchen is all packed up?


Consider things like whether you will go out to eat or get takeout, as your pots and pans will be packed, as well as where you will sleep. Something that is pretty vital if you are having new beds delivered to your new property.


It can also be useful to have an emergency bag packed with things like toilet roll, tea bags, the kids’ nighttime toys and a laptop with some films or boxed set preloaded onto it. Then you will have all the basics you need to get a break from the stress of packing, at least for a bit until you have to get up and start it all again!


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