Does An Apple A Day Really Keep The Doctor Away?

The old adage that an apple a day keeps the doctor away isn’t as much of an urban legend as you might think. What started off as an old wives tale is, in fact, true according to some recent scientific studies. The phytochemicals found within the skin of an apple are full of antioxidants and vitamins that can help ward off serious illnesses and cancer. Different antioxidants are found in all sorts of colorful fruits and vegetables, so it pays to have a diet rich in peppers, spinach, apples, kale, and tomatoes. With a boost to your immune system, you may well be able to keep the doctor away.


However, if you fancy being a tad more proactive at maintaining your health, you’ll need to do a little more than munching your way through a Granny Smith every day. Diet is an important factor for physical health and mental well being as is fitness, activity, sleep, and frame of mind. Take a look at this guide to see how you can reassess your lifestyle and become fitter, healthier and happier.



See A Doctor If You Need To

Even by following this guide, there is no foolproof guarantee that you won’t need to see a doctor at some point. Even the healthiest of people get poorly sometimes and will need medical intervention, but hopefully, this will be for a minor ailment rather than for a serious illness. Ensure that you seek the services of a doctor who comes recommended by friends with a solid reputation for patient care. A delayed diagnosis lawyer can help should you be informed of an illness that you deem too late but having a medical professional that you trust can negate the need for this. Don’t show any sort of bravado and ensure that you visit your doctor if you need to.



While it may seem very much a twenty first century phenomenon, the idea of mindfulness has its routes firmly in the ancient religion of Buddhism. Trying to focus on the present and understanding that worrying about the future can be pointless as the worst possible scenario might not even come to fruition can help you discover a more positive frame of mind. Those people that are very much glass half empty tend to pessimistic, natural worriers, and always see the downside to everything. By undertaking a mindfulness course, they may discover a newfound contentment and an ability to focus on the here and now. This can lead to fewer instances of mental illness, depression, and anxiety.



It’s vital that you try to achieve at least seven hours of decent unbroken sleep each night. By giving your body and mind time to switch off and recharge, you can face the day bright eyed and bushy tailed. There’s nothing worse than stumbling out of bed in the morning only to feel more shattered than when you went to bed because you only got two or three hours sleep and spent the night tossing and turning and clock watching.


If you struggle with insomnia, you need to try and foster a new bedtime routine. Switch off all of your gadgets and gizmos at least two hours before bed. Scrolling endlessly through your social media feeds up until the moment your head hits the pillow is not conducive to a relaxing routine. Instead, read a book, take a long hot soak in the tub and listen to some calming music. With any luck, after a few weeks, you will begin to notice your sleep routine becoming embedded and your sleep becoming less broken.



In the twenty first century, we have begun to live more sedentary lifestyles than ever before. Electronic inventions and technological advancements are created with the aim to make our lives more comfortable, less strenuous and more efficient. Whereas jobs thirty years ago used to be more physical, nowadays people tend to sit at a desk staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day. Work days are stressful and when you arrive home in the evening, it can difficult to find the motivation to head to the gym or venture to your spin class. However, to keep the doctor away, you need to maintain a certain level of cardiovascular fitness to keep your cholesterol at a healthy level and to maintain a normal blood pressure range.


Going for a spritely walk, a jog or a bike ride can enhance your eyesight, improve bone density and maintain muscle mass. You will be less likely to develop tissue damage, nerve problems or niggly aches and pains. Even if you struggle to find time to exercise, try to incorporate it into your current lifestyle. Cycle to work, walk when taking the kids to school and spend your lunch hour strolling around the park. Any time you can spend being less sedentary will be time well spent.


Do What You Love

Mental well being can be just as important as physical well being when it comes to maintaining your health and keeping the doctor away. Apples are great but so are guilty pleasures. If you love hitting a few balls at the golf driving range or you enjoy learning Japanese, keep enjoying your hobbies. Having a focus and something to look forward to can keep your motivation high and your mojo in check.


If you have the opportunity to partake in new experiences, grasp these with open arms. Scratch your wanderlust itch and head to China to flaunt your Mandarin skills, hot foot it to Goa to backpack along the Indian coast or challenge yourself with a three peaks challenge in the Alps. Keeping your mind active, as well as your body, and by enjoying new things, you will inevitably enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Being healthy needn’t be hard. However, try to be as consistent as possible and sleep well, eat a nutritious diet, exercise, and enjoy doing what you love to maintain a healthy lifestyle in an attempt to keep the doctor away.