What To Do If You Get Into An Auto Accident

The last thing that any mother needs is to add more stress to her life.  That’s one of the many reasons that getting into an auto accident can completely derail your day.  Keeping a calm mind and knowing that steps to follow when it happens can help to ease the stress a little bit.  So what are those steps?  What do you do when an accident happens?



Call The Police

Anytime you’re involved in an auto accident, you want to call the police and get a report filed, even if it’s just a minor bumper touch!  While I want to believe the best in all people, I know that not everyone is as honest as I would like them to be.  By having a police report stating what happened, the other party isn’t able to change their story after they speak with a personal injury lawyer to try to get more money out of you.


Get The Other Party’s Information

You’re going to want to get as much information as possible on the person (or people) in the other vehicle.  Name, address, phone number, insurance company name, insurance policy number,  as well as the year, make, model and color of the vehicle.  There is no such thing as too much information when it comes to covering your bases on documenting who all was involved in the accident.


Get Checked Out In The Hospital

If you’re feeling injured in any way, you’re going to want to go to the hospital and get checked out.  This is something often overlooked, whether due to time constraints or not feeling like you’re bad enough to need it, but it’s super important.  Your family will appreciate the peace of mind in knowing that you’re ok, and they will be ok while you’re in the hospital.  Knowing what physical injury you have due to the accident can help keep bills lower as you can have the person at fault pay for the steps needed to cover the cost of the injury, along with lost wages and pain and suffering.  Contact a local auto injury lawyer if you need help with getting them to cover the damages to both your vehicle and your body if needed.


Contact Your Auto Insurance

It does not matter if the accident was your fault or that of the other party, you’re going to want to contact your insurance company.  If the other person is to blame, your insurance company will deal with the hassle and headache of going after the other party on your behalf to get your vehicle fixed.  Most companies won’t allow these non-fault accidents to affect your rates either!



Under the pressure of the moment, it’s very easy to forget to breathe.  Whether it’s because you lost your temper due to the other driver hitting your vehicle, or you’re so shaken that you just didn’t see the other vehicle coming, breathing is something that you’ll want to focus on.   Everything from the pain in your back to the anger in your heart can become a little bit easier to handle when you get the oxygen circulating through your body again.  Taking a moment to pause and breath can help the situation become just a bit easier to handle.


Accidents are no fun, but they do happen.  Knowing how to respond, and who to contact when you get into one is like having a tool in your belt ready to help.  Hopefully you’ll never need to use them, but now you know what steps you need should you be involved in an accident.


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