Avoid These Common Mistakes When Moving Home

Moving home should be the start of a fun adventure. However the moving process itself can often leave many people tearing their hair out. There’s so much to do when moving home and things can often be overlooked. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you should try your best to avoid.



Not booking a babysitter

If you’ve got small kids, you may not want them around you on moving day. It’s best to book a babysitter on moving day so that you don’t have to monitor your kids as well as overseeing the move. This also applies to pets like dogs – you can hire a dogsitter who will be able to keep your canine companion from getting under your feet.


Not labelling boxes

This is a common mistake that can often cause confusion on the other end. Labelling boxes whilst packing allows you to know the exact contents of each box. When you’ve reached your new home, you may not want to unpack everything straight away and labelling boxes allows you to prioritize contents that you need. Labelling boxes can also identify if something is fragile so that it can be handled carefully during the move.


Choosing the wrong removals method

You don’t always have to hire a removals company to move your possessions. If you haven’t got much stuff to take with you, you could hire a van instead and organize your own move. This could save you a lot of money. That said, you may not want to hire a van if you’re traveling a long distance with lots of items. This could result in lots of long journeys back and forth, which will cost you a lot in hire fees and fuel. Be wary that you may also need specialist removals methods in some cases such as a crane to put a sofa in an apartment.



Forgetting to clean your old property

After moving out, it’s usually your duty to clean the property. Failing to do this could result in costly fines from an agent or landlord. It could be worth hiring a cleaning company to take away this stressful task for you. There are even some removals companies such as http://www.hebystad.se/ that will do the removals and cleaning for you. Alternatively, you can handle this yourself and save money.


Forgetting to tell important people about your address change

Once you’ve unpacked and settled into your new home, there’s still the daunting task of notifying everyone of your address change. This could include your bank, your employer (for tax purposes), your car insurer, your doctor, your kids’ school, your energy bill providers and various other companies that may need your address. Sites like https://www.iammoving.com/ are useful to sign up to as they can alert everyone at once of your address change. With friends and family it may not be such an issue, although you may want to let everyone know soon if you’ve got Christmas or a birthday coming up and could be expecting cards and gifts via mail.


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