6 Inflammatory Foods You Need To Avoid

Most of us are accustomed to seeing food as a friend. Food is the source of nutrition; the source of energy that can help us feel like we’re able to live our best life. While there’s no doubt that food can be all of this, it also has the potential to cause harm.


While many of us know the risks of conditions such as diabetes and obesity from certain foods, there is another health concern that our food choices can put us at risk of: inflammation. An inflammatory response in the body can contribute to the genesis of a number health conditions, as well as worsening existing chronic illnesses such as arthritis.


While avoiding these foods won’t completely eliminate the need to wear supports, braces, and more from ArthritisHope.com and similar sites, it should make a huge difference into how your joints and muscles generally feel.



So what should you be avoiding?



The fact that sugar can cause inflammation is a well-established scientific fact. It’s also worth remembering that carbohydrates are turned into sugar by the body, so you may also want to consider a low-carbohydrate diet if you’re experiencing inflammatory issues.


Omega 6 fatty acids (such as corn oil)

Most of us are used to thinking of fatty acids as being beneficial, but there’s evidence to suggest they trigger an inflammatory response. The issue is particularly noted for arthritis sufferers and those who experience joint pain.


Dairy products

There is some debate over whether or not dairy products could be considered to be inflammatory. However, as noted by MindBodyGreen.com, there are plenty of other reasons to avoid dairy, so if you’re concerned about inflammation, it might be best to keep your dairy intake at a minimal level. There’s no harm in cutting dairy for awhile and seeing if it improves your symptoms.


Artificial sweeteners

There is some evidence to suggest that artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, can cause an inflammatory response in the body. This is particularly problematic if you’re concerned about inflammatory foods however, as you can’t just use real sugar in the place of artificial variants, as sugar itself is inflammatory too! There’s still a huge amount of debate regarding good options for replacing sugar; at the present time, natural sweeteners such as stevia are thought to be preferable, but keep an eye out for further research on this subject.


High-fructose fruits

Fruit is so often suggested as a positive for the modern diet, but the fact remains that fruit is often packed with sugar— and sugar can cause inflammation. Now, there’s no reason to eliminate all fruits from your diet, but you might want to opt for lower-fructose options. Berries, for example, are an excellent choice if you’re looking to minimize sugar, as are the other options discussed on HappySugarHabits.com.



In conclusion

If you’re concerned about inflammation — and the science suggests that you should be — then eliminating the foods from your diet will undoubtedly assist you with your health goals. Good luck!


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