Avoid The Unexpected Dangers Of Home Life

Home intrusions and burglary are some of the most significant sources of worries. Therefore, it makes sense to look for reliable locks, doors, and windows that can deter intruders. 

The addition of a home security system can also keep a lot of criminals at bay. Choosing a monitored system can directly link to the police, ensuring someone is always there to help. 

But intrusions are only one of the many safety challenges at home. Do you know where the dangers hide in your home? 

Everyday products that can’t be trusted 

You may have a ticking bomb in your cupboard without knowing it. Product recalls are not a frequent occurrence, but when they occur, it’s because the product has been proven to be a source of health risk to people. In 1982, Jonson & Johnson recalled their pain relief caplet Tylenol after it was revealed the product was tampered with cyanide. In 2009, Peanut Corp. of America recalled their product after several food-borne illnesses killed consumers and sickened many more. Defect products can put you and your loved one at risk. Product liability experts at Golden Law Office are the first to know that danger can hide underneath the most inconspicuous shape. 

The bathroom is a slippery place

The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms at home. As such, it’s also the room that is the most likely to exhibit signs of wear and tear. But, more importantly, it’s one of the most dangerous spaces in your home. Did you know that every day one person dies in the bathtub or the shower in the US? It’s a terrifying thought! What is the most common risk in the bathroom? If you’re thinking electrocution, you’re wrong. Most people injure themselves by slipping on the wet floor and falling. Every year, 234,000 adults and teenagers fall in the bathroom. In fact, the bathroom is so slippery that almost 8 in 10 injuries in seniors happen in the bathroom. There are a few things you can do to protect yourself and your family: 

  • Add a safety mat into the shower or the bathtub
  • Keep a water-absorbing rug outside the shower or the bathtub

You don’t take any height precaution

It’s okay; I just need to climb on the chair to change the light bulb. 

We’re sometimes too lazy to get the ladder out of the garage. Climbing on your furniture is just as quick and efficient. Unfortunately, it’s a recipe for accidents. Falling off chairs, tables, countertops, and even wardrobes is one of the most common causes of severe injuries at home. Next time you think you just need to balance on top of the chair to hang your Christmas decorations, think twice! 

If it’s lying around, they will eat it

Leaving food or small plastic components at arm’s or mouth’s reach of your children and pets can have dramatic consequences. Under the ages of 4 to 5, many young children are likely to put small things into their mouths, accidentally putting themselves at risk. Pets can chew on toxic plants or even experience serious digestive blockages, depending on what they eat. 

In conclusion, every home can be a source of danger. While you can’t eliminate all risks, making your home safer only needs a few changes of habits: 

  • Being cautious of what you buy
  • Making the bathroom slip-free
  • Avoiding free climbing surface
  • Clearing away chewables

Stay safe at home!