Avoiding House Fires During The Holidays

The holidays are one of the prime times of year for house fires. You’ve got people stringing fairy lights on the eaves of their homes, deep-frying turkeys and leaving lights on in real trees – and all of these things are fire hazards. Most people don’t think of them as anything other than additions to the holidays, excitedly going to sleep ready for another day of Christmas cheer. The problem is that those fairy lights left in real trees are literally like leaving a hot match on dry grass: before you know it, your house is filled with smoke and firefighters battling back flames.

You need to do what you can this holiday to prevent fires in the home, and that means being aware of the dangers this winter and being vigilant to those dangers. For example, you book your twice-yearly HVAC service to ensure that it’s clean and ready to heat the house for winter and cool it for summer. Any clogs and dust will cause fires, and if that’s the case, you know that your HVAC is to blame. If you’re going to clean the HVAC, you also need to look at all aspects of danger that are ahead of you in regard to fires this Christmas. So, let’s take a look at how you can avoid any house fires during the holidays.

  • Get Rid Of Space Heaters. If you’re tempted to break out the space heaters for the guests in your home this Christmas, stop and read this for a moment. Space heaters do not always come with an automatic shut off, and if you fall asleep with one left on, you are creating a huge fire risk in your home. Anything could knock one over and set the place on fire, so the best thing to do is to make sure that your HVAC is working well in all rooms.
  • Maintenance. When you have your HVAC installed properly, you need to stay on top of the maintenance of it. There are some fires that – as we mentioned earlier – can arise from a poorly maintained HVAC. If you’re ensuring that yours is cleaned and monitored, you’re going to manage better. Prevention is always better than what the outcome could be – seriously.
  • Say No To Christmas Candles. It’s lovely to have candles around the house at Christmas time, but you could easily forget to blow them out. Using candles with battery-powered flames is a lovely way to have that ambience without any of the risk of fires. LED lookalike candles can really offer something beautiful and you don’t have to panic if you knock one over by accident.
  • Cook Safely. Do you really need to deep-fry a turkey? Instead, learn to cook one properly with one of many roast turkey recipes out there. You do not have to put yourself at any risk with a cooking fire. Oh, and try not to cook and drink a glass or five of wine at the same time. it’s an excellent way to ensure that you do not end up spilling alcohol on the stove and you don’t hurt yourself while you do it.