Baby Driver! The Essentials For A Long Road Trip With You And Your Child

There is nothing quite so stressful than taking a child on a long car journey. When it’s just you and your child, you can feel like you’re opening yourself up to the elements that they are going to burst into tears or a tantrum at any moment, especially if you are in the middle of a freeway driving for your life! As such, it’s important to prepare for these long journeys, so your sanity stays intact, but the child is occupied as well. But it’s easier said than done when it’s just you and your child. What do you do?



Cleaning Up As You Go

And by this, we mean at every service station or rest stop, not while you’re driving! Have a little bag handy for garbage, so you can declutter the vehicle. And, to make life easier, you might want to get some CalTrend seat covers you can take off and put in the washing machine. As long as you declutter, you will destress. And when you are doing your best to keep your child occupied while you’re driving, you may find yourself fumbling with one hand for something to put in the backseat. Instead, get everything laid out and organized before you head off.


The Right Tech

When a child is of a certain age, they can keep themselves occupied, but to an extent. It’s important that you have an abundance of distractions available, in case the child gets bored, or whatever they are doing doesn’t become entertaining enough. It’s always worth having a backup plan, like an iPod full of their favorite songs, so they can sing along, and you can focus on the road ahead. If they’re a bit older, video games will come in handy, even though you might not usually subscribe to the iPad way of thinking.


Preparing The Journey

In many ways, it’s about getting everything organized in your mind so you are prepared for every eventuality. After all, your child may very well want to push you to your wit’s end, no matter how much you’ve planned. So, consider preparing for every eventuality, and backup plans, such as if they’re getting frustrated 30 minutes into the journey, and you are on the road, think about snacks, playing games with them like I Spy, or just talking to them. Boredom is one of those things that we have to keep at bay.


Pray That They Fall Asleep

Some children don’t nap at all, but on a long journey, where the car is moving back and forth, they may find their eyes getting heavy. If you’ve got a very long road trip, them sleeping will help you to make up for lost time, especially if you’ve had to stop a lot. When it comes to preparing a long journey, think about the time of day you go, and if possible, perhaps make sure they don’t sleep as much the night before. That way, they can sleep in the car, you can get the vast majority of the driving done, and everybody is happy!


Road trips are so stressful because you’ve got to drive the car, and not look after your child as much. But, there are things you can do!