Back Pain Is A Battle For Mothers

Back pain is a common problem. It is the single most common cause of disability, to the point that 1-in-5 workplace injuries and illnesses are back related. But there’s reason to believe that it’s even more prevalent in women and, in particular, mothers. 30-40% of all pregnant women experience back pain and the average age for a woman to start suffering from back pain is in their 30s, much younger than the overall average.



Mind over matter

It’s not always the case, but stress has been shown to be a leading factor in both causing and exacerbating back pain. When you’re under stress, your body tends to quite literally tense up, which means more pressure on the spine and lower back muscles. Relaxing if possible is almost always an effective form of treatment. Finding your relaxation techniques, whether it’s soaking with the aid of bath salts, indulging in aromatherapy, or making a habit out of meditation, can do a lot of good.


Get moving

Mothers are active enough, so you may very well groan at the idea of getting more active. Indeed, the stresses of picking up and holding children, housework, and other motherhood struggles can all contribute to that pain. But bed rest isn’t the answer. Unless it’s truly severe, it can sometimes worsen the situation. Rather, as Prevention shows, range-of-mobility exercises such as yoga and pilates can do a lot to limber up your body. Strength training can help, too, as more powerful muscles take the strain off your back.



Healing hands

It might sound like just another way to ease some stress, and there’s no doubt it helps with that. However, a good lower back massage is being recognized more and more as a genuine treatment for acute back pain, to the point that it’s often part of the prescription from doctors. This is primarily for muscle-related back pain, which is especially prevalent in women who are or recently have been pregnant. Other forms, like chiropractic treatment, should be taken with a pinch of salt. Unlike physiotherapists and massage therapists, chiropractors don’t necessarily have to have any sort of certification to allow them to practice.


The latest technology

As technology advances, so do our abilities to not only soothe the pain but even to undo it in places. One of the latest techniques used by the places like the Spine Institute Northwest uses stem cell therapy to actually help regenerate damaged tissue. While these practices have been in place for decades, now, it’s mostly recommended for those who are suffering acute back pain when other treatments have failed. They’re most often used in place with other surgeries, helping with the healing process. For those who have tried every other option, however, it has proven effective time and time again.

Whether it’s down to pregnancy, lifting toddlers, or the stress that comes with the job, mothers are some of the most common back pain sufferers. If you’re one of them, it’s time to stop suffering in silence. It won’t get any better while you do.


What helps you relax your sore back muscles?

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