Turn Your Back On Posture Problems

If you damage your back or spine at any point in your life, it’s likely to cause problems for you for many years to come. And while some accidents just can’t be avoided, you will reduce your chances of generating any back issues by sorting out your posture.


Posture – the way we hold ourselves up – is vital for a healthy back, yet the vast majority of people out there have poor posture. Whether it’s stooping, slouching, or any other bend, twist or curvature of the spine, it’s essential to get it fixed. Here are some suggestions to make sure you can straighten up, and reduce the chances of injury.



Sit well

Many of us spend hours hunched in front of a computer or desk these days, and it will come as no surprise that this is incredibly bad for our postures. Make sure you are sitting comfortably, straight up, and are using ergonomic furniture wherever possible. Look out for curving your spine, and also dips of the head – your screen should be level with your eyeline, so you are looking straight ahead.


Stand straight

It’s worth getting a partner, family member, or close friend to help you, here. Their job is to take photos of you standing up. Your job is to make sure you are standing up the same way you usually do. Take a look at your photos, and you should see your shoulders, hips, and feet aligned, with no curves or bends in either direction. If you do see anything that looks awry, it’s worth seeing a chiropractor. According to Andresen Active Chiropractors, there are plenty of corrective techniques to learn which you can practice and help yourself straighten out. The sooner you do it, the better, too. Not only will you help reduce any back pain you might have, but you will also distribute your weight properly around your body, meaning you are less likely to suffer an injury in other areas.



Say goodbye to heels?

If you are looking for a good excuse to ditch the high heels forever, this is it, ladies! Wearing heels contorts your body, and puts an incredible amount of pressure on your back. The result is an increase in the lumbar curve of your lower back, and it will cause you a lot of pain and movement restriction. There will be times when high heels are essential, of course, but try to avoid wearing them on a regular basis.


Stretch more

Ultimately, the modern lifestyle we all partake in requires us to have bad posture every now and again, and no one can sit properly, stand up straight, and lift things correctly all the time. But what we can do is take better care of our backs and posture. Good posture stretching exercises are easy enough for anyone to try, so there are no excuses – try them at least every other day, and preferably after any lengthy period spent in front of a desk. Tied in with regular exercise and controlled breathing, exercises for better posture can help your posture by a significant amount!



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