Bathroom On A Budget? It Can Be Done!

When we consider renovating our homes, we tend to neglect the needs of our bathroom. Often being the smallest room in the house, and the one that we spend the least time in, the bathroom is often overlooked for the bedrooms, kitchen or living room. However, our bathrooms need to be loved as much as any other room. The old adage that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses is true. Pay attention to your bathroom and give it a makeover. While you might not fancy spending a small fortune on your bathroom, you can renovate it on a budget without breaking the bank.



New Fixtures

Before you head to the local showroom and pick up a new bathroom suite, it’s a good idea to get a plumber over to check your pipework. There’s nothing worse than a tradesperson installing your swanky new rain-head shower, roll top bathtub and toilet, only for there to be an issue with a leaky pipe behind your newly tiled wall. Spend money wisely, and get a plumber over to maintain the pipework.


Once your pipework has been inspected, you can then get onto the more fun aspect of renovating. You may have a dream of a four piece bathroom suite. However, this can be ridiculously expensive. Don’t worry. Head to your showroom, and inquire about any ex-display models that may be available. Yes, these shower thermostats may have been fiddled with hundreds of times, but they’ll still be working and won’t look much different from the brand new equivalents. You may get a suite for up to half the original retail price. You can use the same strategy for luxury roll top baths, faucets and basins.


You might fancy a new vanity unit for your bathroom. This website has plenty of reclaimed and new furniture options to suit all budgets. By increasing the storage capability of the smallest room in your house, you won’t have as much clutter.



Tiles look sleek and modern and are hygienic. Go to a reclamation yard, and you will see a whole host of vintage tiles that cost much less to buy than modern equivalents. They’ll be better made, have loads of social history in them, and be more unique than the high street tiles.


For your flooring, you might be keen on emulating the tiled look. Before you commit to expensive slate, check out the high quality lino available in DIY stores. Don’t go budget as this will tear easily and create a false economy. The slightly more expensive stuff is more durable and has a realistic tiled finish. If tiles don’t do it for you, lino can also create a slab effect or floorboard look for your bathroom. This creates a sleek finish, it’s easy to maintain and it’s cheap and easy to buy and lay yourself.


Renovating your bathroom on a budget needn’t be too tricky. You can whip out your avocado green suite and swap it for a modern white equivalent for little money, and still have the cash to tile, paint and light the room adequately. Bathroom on a budget? It can be done!