Beating The Burglars Over Christmas Time

Christmas is a wonderful time, but for many of us it’;s an incredibly busy one too. While many people are winding down their work operations and enjoying silly Christmas jumper days and boozy office parties, work is only going to get busier over the coming weeks for some of us. Those working in retail know the exhaustion that comes with the Christmas rush. Some of us will be working longer hours and more shifts to compensate for the inevitable expense of the season. Even outside of work it can be an extremely busy time as we travel all over the country to visit friends and relatives and catch up with them to impart joy over the holiday season.


All of this seasonal rushing means that our homes are left unattended for disproportionately long periods of time. Burglars are cognizant of this and they’re also aware that they’re likely to find some valuable goodies under your tree or hidden from the kids in wardrobes and cupboards. It’s a sad but unavoidable truth that your home is vulnerable to thieves and burglars over the Christmas period. Don’t let them ruin your Christmas by taking the following precautions.



Use your home’s exterior as a deterrent

Not only can the outside of your home be made to look welcoming and inviting for guests at Christmas, your exterior can also be used to deter ne’er do wells. If you’re likely to be out for long periods of time it’s worth keeping some lights on even if it’s just fairy lights. These will give the appearance of the house being occupied.


Speaking of festive lighting, if you have exterior lights to give your home a sense of festive joy from the outside, avoid running cables out of partially closed doors or windows as thieves will inevitably see these as a window of opportunity. Investing in a floodlight is also a great way of warding away unwelcome visitors.


Invest in the right security system

Nothing keeps burglars at bay than the blinking blue light of a working security system. If your home does not have a working security system, burglars will consider it an open invitation especially at this time of year. Check out to see which system suits your home best. There’s no better investment over Christmas.


Keep valuables out of sight when you go to bed

As welcoming as a big tree ringed with brightly wrapped presents may be as you make your way from your car to your front door, it’s also a welcoming sight  to thieves. Make sure that you close windows and blinds to keep your valuables hidden at night when burglars will prowl your neighbourhood.



Plan ahead if you’re going away

If you’re going abroad for a winter escape or plan to visit family who are out of town over Christmas, it’s important to plan ahead so that your home does not become a target for thieves. Be sure to cancel newspaper subscriptions and alert your milkman if you use one. Nothing telegraphs your absence more than bottles of milk or newspapers on your doorstep. If you can get a friend, relative or neighbor to look in every now and then (leave your spake hey with them), so much the better.


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