You Are Beautiful: Feel Good About Your Body

There are so many reasons to hate your body. It’s a bit fat here, droopy there; there’s some discoloration in your skin just here and have you seen this massive zit?! It’s easy to look in the mirror and see all the worst bits.


But hang on a second. You’ve forgotten how beautiful your eyes are and how your hair falls just so; you’ve not noticed how awesome you look wearing your new top or how healthy you feel. Your body is so much more than a collection of flaws – you just need to see past them.


Feeling good about your body takes three things: confidence, knowing that you are healthy and confidence. Okay, that might be two things, but the confidence part is doubly important. There are so many pictures of unrealistically beautiful women out there that you might think you will never measure up, but they are just as self-conscious as you are. The only difference is that they have been photoshopped into entirely different people online.


So how can you feel good in your body every day without resorting to photoshop?

It’s easier than you might think.



Take Care of Your Skin

Your skin is your largest organ and yet we tend to take it for granted. Not only does it hold all your other bits in, but it also helps you produce Vitamin D, regulate your temperature and achieve a healthy glow. It really does cover all bases!


Taking care of your skin is often the first thing that makes you feel better in your body. As your skin is essentially what people see of you, keeping it clear and plump is a nice way to feel good.


Spots are a fact of life and even if you don’t suffer with acne (lucky you!) you are bound to get the occasional zit to ruin your day. However frustrated you are by this, try not to pick at your spots or touch your skin too much as this will only help the problem spread. Instead, just a gentle cleanser or plain old water with a flannel to clean the area. The vast majority of spots will clear up on their own, but if you have acne, there are heaps of treatments you can try – ask your doctor for more information.


Another common skin frustration are skin tags. These are little growths that appear on your skin, usually in areas like your armpits and neck. Sometimes they can look a bit like warts and make you feel self-conscious about it. However, like spots, you can treat skin tags using skin tag removal cream. Nice and easy.


Discoloration is also very common and unless you are willing to go for a more serious treatment at a clinic, you should really just love your imperfections. Take Chantelle Brown-Young as your inspiration – this gorgeous model doesn’t let her skin get in the way, in fact, she relishes the fact that she looks different and uses it to her advantage.


Eat Well and Drink Plenty

Feeling good about your body isn’t just about what is happening on the outside, but what is going on inside too. What you eat and drink makes a real difference to how you feel and just a small change to your diet could be what you need to feel good.


Everyone is saying it but remarkably few people are doing it: drink plenty of water. You should be drinking somewhere around 2 liters of water per day but there is no reason that this should be a limit. Drink before meals, drink in small sips throughout the day and drink when you are thirsty. You can’t drink too much, so keep the water coming.


Eating well is also a consistent topic and aside from all the fad diets that pop up, should be fairly simple to master. The key thing is to balance plenty of fruit and veg with lots of protein and some carbs to keep you going. Fat and sugar, in smaller quantities are not the enemy but will have the obvious effects if you eat them in excess.


Eating a balanced diet will make a huge difference to the way you feel and if you are changing your bad habits for good ones, you might even lose that bit of belly fat that has been bothering you.


Build an Exercise Routine to Suit You

Finally: exercise. It is a nemesis for many busy people who can’t find the time and yet spend all their waking hours sat still at a desk. Finding ways to build exercise into our sedentary lives has never been more difficult.


If you can fit in a workout at home a few times a week, you will be onto a real winner. Aerobic exercises will get your heart rate up and startup the fat burning process; weight exercises will help you build muscles, improving your metabolism; stretching and toning exercises like Pilates will give your body a chance to recover and release any pent-up tensions.


The thing is that you don’t actually need to build a full exercise routine into your life if you can just find sneaky ways of doing more. A great example is having a meeting while walking. This gives you both the chance to get out in the open air while you chat and could even give your creativity a boost. Actually, walking or cycling instead of driving is a wonderful idea and if you have the time it will be better for you and the environment.


Another brilliant way to get more exercise in is to take the stairs instead of the lift. This will get your heart rate up, work your largest muscles and burn a fair few calories too. Other exercises like this might be squatting while you brush your teeth or dancing around to music while you wait for your dinner to cook. When you start looking, there are a lot of things you could be doing.


When you feel good in your body, you will be much more inclined to feel good about your body. Healthy eating, regular exercise and a good skin care routine will do you a power of good.


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