Disney’s New Beauty and the Beast Review

As a child, I grew up watching all the old Disney princess movies.  I spent countless hours in front of the television, until I had every line of most every song memorized.  Most of them I still know today.  I just adored them.  So, when I heard that Disney was remaking Beauty and the Beast as a real person movie, I was thrilled.  I have tried to get my children to watch the old cartoons, but they haven’t seemed to have caught that bug yet.  I hoped that this would be what pulled them in.

Then, the drama came.  

It seems like there has to be drama around pretty much everything these days.  I do my best to keep my life drama free, not getting involved in a lot of the political, religious or any other types of battles that so easily tend to ensnare the world.  I deal with issues with the kids as they arise, talking about touchy subjects as they are needed to be handled.

So, what did I do?  

I took my daughters to see the movie.  And OMG – it was absolutely amazing!  Emma Watson did a wonderful job of capturing the heart of Belle.  The graphics were spot on and just adorable.  Cogsworth has never looked so good!  The holes in the storyline that you (or at least I) never really gave much attention to, were filled in with the missing pieces of information.  It was perfect.  Absolutely wonderful.

What about all the drama?

It was no more apparent than it was in the original cartoon.  Gaston’s buddy, Lefou, has always been a little frilly acting.  Shoot, I noticed it when watching the cartoon as an adult, although it flew right over my head as a child.  And, as children, the remake innuendos flew right over the heads of my kids.  If I wanted to make a big deal of it, I’m sure I could of.  But, I didn’t say a word about it to them, and they didn’t say a word about it to me.  That’s a discussion left for us for another day.

The final review verdict

If you want to take your children to go see Beauty and the Beast – take them!  If you have an issue with showing your children gay innuendos, watch the original cartoon.  If you can handle the original, you can handle the remake.  There is only one additional scene, a split second on the screen, but it’s no more apparent than the rest of the movie.  I mean, the men getting dressed in ladies clothes happens in the original cartoon, and as a child then, and with my children now, I laughed at this scene.  If you’re looking for trouble, there is enough there to make it from, but if you’re looking for a great movie that will provide a good time for your family, it’s there too.  My children and I absolutely loved this movie, and I think that you would too.



Have you seen Beauty and the Beast?

Who is your favorite character?


This post is not meant to offend anyone on either side of the argument.  I am neither for, nor against the homosexual agenda.  This is meant to be a review of the movie and the drama around it and does not interject my personal beliefs on the situation that the drama is over.


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