The 5 Most Popular Beauty Treatments of 2020

Throughout the years, beauty treatments have evolved immensely. From wacky treatments such as the vampire facial that was made famous by Kim Kardashian to more simple lash lifts, there’s seemingly a treatment for every taste. And although the majority of them aren’t wholly necessary, they can help to improve skin health and encourage relaxation. 

This year, the focus on beauty treatments is a mixture of the more natural, to the quirky options favored by celebrities looking to shed a few pounds. Here is a handful of some of the most popular beauty treatments the world has seen so far this year:

Brow Lamination 

Becoming popular through social media, brow lamination is a new treatment with semi-permanent results. Straightening, setting and tinting your eyebrows, you can have fuller brows for up to two months. A pain-free treatment, the process will only take up to 30 minutes. 

At the beginning of the treatment, you’ll have some cream applied to your brows before they are brushed into place. Then a specialized cream is applied to alter the hair structure. Finally, a tint is applied to the brow before it’s reshaped. 

Laser Hair Removal 

Although this treatment has been popular for many years, there’s now a rapid increase in the number of people that are undergoing it. A more permanent approach to getting rid of body hair, it’s something that many people opt for ahead of waxing, threading or shaving. 

Of course, there are several side effects of this treatment and you cannot undergo laser hair removal while pregnant – something that not a lot of people realize. 


This beauty treatment has been done by tons of celebrities over the past few months. The opposite of a sauna, it involves you going into a chamber that will blast you with frozen air. 

Designed to stimulate blood flow and circulation (as well as burn calories), it claims to make you feel as though you’ve been rejuvenated. Although it might be quirky, it’s an extraordinary treatment that’s different from anything the world has seen before. 

Non-Surgical Body Contouring 

Alongside eating healthily and exercising, this beauty treatment could be just the ticket to losing weight. A non-invasive treatment, it uses radiofrequency and sculpting decides to tighten areas of the skin. A way of disposing of fat, it’s rapidly rising in popularity around the world! 


Ok, so this isn’t the cheapest beauty treatment to have done. But the effects that it can produce are supposed to be amazing. Clearing congestion, smoothing the texture of your skin, hydrating and plumping your face, some argue it’s well worth the investment. 

With a six step-process including serums, peels, and a pressurised hydradermabrasion pen, it’s an intensive yet effective beauty treatment available in various clinics internationally. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you go! Those are just five of the most popular beauty treatments that have taken the world by storm. Of course, it’s still only the start of the year, so it’s clear that more extraordinary beauty treatments will take hold. But if you’re interested in seeing what the above are all about, there’s no better time than now to do so!