Can Your Family Become a One Car Family?

For a busy family that has many commitments, one of the biggest things you need is transport. So it makes sense that it is one of your biggest costs. From the cost of vehicles themselves, to insurance, road taxes, fuel, and maintenance, there are many costs to think about. But the question is, do you need more than one car in the family? It seems that many families have the same number of cars as they have people that drive. So it does need to be looked at; what are the pros and cons? Is it going to be worth it for your family to become  one-car family?




There is no getting away from it that having one less car is going to save you money. There will be no monthly repayments if you bought your car on finance, and no fuel costs. However, it is worth thinking about what you use the extra cars for. If it would lead to more taxi rides or lots of bus and train fare, then would you be really saving money? If the other car is used for commuting, for example, then sitting down and working out the costs can be a good idea, as train fares can really add up. So it can save you money to only have one car, unless all of the cars that you have are in constant use.


Environmental Impact

When you think about the environmental impact of having more than one car, then it could be enough for one of you to stop using the extra ones. If having one less car would mean more walking or cycling, then not only is it reducing your carbon footprint, but it is helping you to take care of yourselves too. Extra exercise is going to be a good thing, especially if you’ve got teens that need to establish a healthy exercise routine.


Reliance on Others

One of the downsides to only having one car, is that you may need to have to be more reliant on other people. You might need more help with rides to different places for the kids, for example. While you can chip in for gas money, it can be hard to always use this a way to get around. You could of course use things like Uber, depending on where you live. But when you’re not in control of the vehicle, it could end up leading to looking for an Uber accident lawyer. So there are a few things to think about when it comes to reliance on other people.



Your Location

Where you live can have a massive impact on your need for another vehicle. So before you just go down to one vehicle, or none at all, you need to think how it will impact your lives because of where you live. If you live in a city that has good public transport links, then it could be worth using them more than a car. But if you’re out in the country, it can be hard to use public transport easily. So there are a few factors to weigh up and think about.


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