A Bedtime Beauty Routine That You Can’t Afford To Skip

When most of us think about beauty routines, we tend to think about all the things we do in the morning when we wake up. But, it’s often what we do in the evenings that makes more of a difference to how we look.



If you don’t already have a bedtime beauty routine, then you need to start right away. There are lots of things you should do before going to bed that will make you feel and look a lot more beautiful in the future. So, to help you get started with your evening routine, here are some of my best suggestions:



Cleanse Your Face

The first part of your routine should be dedicated to cleaning your face. No doubt you’ve had a full face of makeup on all day long, and it’s probably sunk into your pores by now. As a result, you end up with possible skin problems because there’s just a lot of gunk clogging up your pores. This isn’t a problem if you remove it every night and cleanse your skin. Use a makeup removal wipe and get rid of every last trace of the stuff from your face. Then, wash your face in a sink using a cleansing solution to properly clear out your pores. Do this every night, and you’ll avoid waking up with breakouts in the morning. If you’re really tired and stuck for time, then you can possibly skip the second part and not wash your face. But, under no circumstances should you leave makeup on your face, always get rid of it before bed!


Put Your Hair In A Braid

As you’re getting ready for bed, you should put your hair in a braid to sleep in. Already I know that some of you think this is a waste of time. Why braid your hair when you’re literally just going to sleep? Well, it’s not for style reasons, it’s to help your hair avoid any complications overnight. When you braid your hair, you stop it from getting tangled up in knots during your sleep. In turn, this stops you having to untangle your hair the next morning, saving a lot of valuable minutes. When you wake up, you can pretty much just unbraid your hair, and you’re good to go. From here, you can walk out the door or straighten it – whatever you want! If you’ve never braided your hair before, then this article may help you as it teaches you how to do a simple braid. That’s all you really need to know for your bedtime routine as there’s no point doing a complicated style if you’re going to bed!



Use A Cream For Your Eyes

The most common beauty problem on planet earth is having dark circles under your eyes, normally accompanied by crows feet. This happens because you don’t get enough sleep or don’t take good care of your eyes. It’s so easy for the skin around this area to dry out, which is what causes the dark color to appear. You can avoid this with a simple beauty habit before going to bed. Get yourself a good quality eye cream and apply it to your face right before you go to sleep. This helps moisturize the area and lock all that moisture in while you’re sleeping. As a result, you end up with much more plump and hydrated eyes that don’t have dark bags under them. Once more, this is so helpful as you save time in the morning by not having to spend ages on your eyes covering up the dark circles!


Moisturize Your Face

As well as applying eye cream to hydrate your eyes, you should also apply a moisturizer to your entire face. There are lots of overnight moisturizers out there that help lock in that all important moisture and hydrate your skin. The lasting effect is that your skin is much softer and healthier than it would be without this moisturization. Again, it means you wake up with better-looking skin, which helps you avoid the need for loads of foundation to cover blemishes or dry patches.


I may be biased, but I think this is one of the best bedtime beauty routines out there. It targets your skin and hair, ensuring you wake up in a better position to start the day. By doing all this stuff before bed, it makes your morning routine a lot quicker and more hassle-free too. It’s so important that you take care of your hair/skin at the end of the day, not just at the beginning!


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