Beef Fried Rice


Simple yet delicious dinners are a much needed staple in our house.  With the list of things that need to get completed in a day usually being longer than the amount of time within that day to get them done, I just adore meals that don’t require me to spend hours in the kitchen but yet still provide a healthy, well balanced meal for my family.  This beef fried recipe provides just that.  It’s absolutely delicious, yet simple to fix and can be created with ingredients that you probably have in your cabinet already.  




1 pound beef – we use the philly cheesestake style

4 cups water

2 cups rice

1 tablespoon butter

1 package frozen peas & carrots

4 eggs

soy sauce


Create Your Dinner

The first step is to prepare your rice.  You’ll want to bring the water and butter to a boil, and then add your rice.  Lower the temperature and cover for 10-15 minutes, or until water is absorbed.  While this is cooking, cook your meat.  Add your peas & carrots, the cooked rice and some soy sauce.  The amount of sauce truly depends on your taste.  When I make it I use very little, while my husband coats it very heavily.  Now, push your mixture to the side of your skillet and crack your eggs on the other side (or feel free to use another skillet if you don’t mind the dishes).  Scramble your eggs and then mix everything together.  That’s it!  Serve and enjoy!



This dish is highly customizable.  Leave out the beef for a vegetarian option, or substitute chicken, shrimp, or any other meat option you choose.  Add other veggies, and play with the combinations you can create.


What is your favorite fried rice combinations?


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