Why Being a Parent is Amazing

Being a parent can be hard. There are sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and fewer date nights to contend with, so it’s not surprising that moms and dads can feel overwhelmed from time to time to but you know what? Being a parent right now is truly amazing! 

Here are just a few reasons why being a parent in 2020 is so awesome:

Children Encourage Creativity

Children are so creative. They make up amazing stories, create art with nothing more than their fingertips, and always ask the most unexpected questions. Not only is this enough to make your heart burst with joy, but it encourages you to be far more creative in your own life too. 

You Care Less ( About What Others Think)

Once you have a tiny human or three to look after, you start to care far less what other people think of you. I mean you have to when your kids is making you go full-on Elsa singing Let it Go in the middle of the mall, right? Young kids give you more freedom to goof around and have fun and you’re judged far less for it too!

Medical Advancements

There have been so many advancements in medical treatments that it is now possible to print new limbs for babies or allow deaf children to hear for the first time with cochlear implant rehabilitation, that many of the fears parents had in the past are much lesser. Of course, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but more children are thriving better than ever thanks to science and that is truly something to be grateful for.

You Get to Share Your Passions

Your friends and family might be sick of hearing about your love of Studio Ghibli movies or the Harry Potter books or your love of horses, but they’ll be fresh to your kids and being able to introduce them to the things you love will be one of the greatest pleasures in your life.

It Drives You to Be Better

When you have children, you start to reassess your life and think more about the kind of person you are and the kind of person you want your children to see you as. This can lead to a lot of positive personal development. Whether you learn to meditate so you can better control your anger or fix your finances so you can set a good example for the future, the things you do so your kids will look up to you can be transformative.

You Get to See Them Grow and Mature

There are few things more rewarding than watching your baby take his or her first steps, well apart from watching them head to kindergarten for the first time, or them writing their name for the first time, getting their first A, graduating from college… there are so many amazing milestones to make you proud on your parenting journey (along with a few heartaches too) and that makes it all worthwhile.

Bering a parent is tough, but it’s an amazing experience too, so enjoy it to the fullest!