The 4 Ds Of Being A Successful Blogger

I’ve always enjoyed writing.  From short stories to rhyming poems, it wasn’t unusual for me to have a pen and paper in my hand growing up.  As an adult, when I learned about the opportunity that blogging holds, it seems almost natural that I would find myself partaking in the joys.  While blogging can be a fun way to bring in some extra money, there are definitely some bumps in the road that I didn’t fully expect – along with some massive surprises in a good way.  If you’re thinking about diving into the wonderful world of blogging, take a peek at these tips that may help you with your first few steps on the water.



Be Ductile

When I started, I had an idea of what I would write, how the layout would be, and plans for just about every detail the blog would entail.  Looking back on those plans now though, I chuckle.  While they were wonderful starting points, this blog has taken on a direction all on its own.  Being ductile and remaining flexible will help you come a long way.  I’ve learned to roll with the flow and be willing to make adjustments as needed.  And I love the way that it has come together, even though it looks nothing like my original design!


Be Diligent

You want to be honest in everything that you write and publish.  This means checking your facts and figures, and doing your background research.  Do you remember hearing about Alex Shivraj of Mississauga?  His name was used by a “source” for an article, but the writer didn’t fact check to verify her source.  Turns out, it wasn’t Alex Shivraj at all.  I can’t even imagine what poor Alex went through after that ordeal.  Moral of the story though is to make sure that you are getting correct information out there, for everyone’s benefit.


Be Dedicated

Blogging isn’t some sort of get rich quick scheme.  While there is money to be made, it won’t start growing on trees the moment you publish your first article.  It takes time, perseverance, social networking, coffee, late nights, dedication, and a little bit of craziness in order to succeed in this industry.  Every blog is different, and so is the amount of money and the rate at which you get there – so I can’t tell you exactly when you’ll see income – but what I can say is that if you keep working on it, it will slowly start to come your way.


Be Different

While it is ok to have a role model or mentor, you’re going to want to have your own voice.  Embrace what makes you different and run with it.  God has given you your own special talents and desires. Use them to provide the inspiration and guide for your blog! Give your readers something that no one else can, and that will bring them back article after article.


Whether you’re looking to blog to replace your full time income, or just as a fun hobby to entertain you in your free moments, blogging can fill those needs for you!  Just be ductile, diligent, dedicated and different!