Best Casino Game: Slots, Roulette or Blackjack?

For many, for a casino to be considered worthy of playing at (either online or in real life) it must have three things: slots, roulette, and blackjack. These three games – so different from one another – are considered to be the absolute minimum that any casino should have behind its doors. Yes, there are other games from a Norwegian casino, and yes many of them are lots of fun and could even give you a nice profit (poker being one, for example), but none of them are quite as important and popular as the three we want to focus on today. 

Which one is the best, though? When put to the test, is it slots, roulette, or blackjack that wins out? Read on to make the choice for yourself. 


Roulette is certainly a casino classic. It’s the game you’re likely to think of when it comes to glitz and glamour; all those beautiful people hovering around a roulette wheel, waiting for the ball to land – it’s what movies and dreams are made of.

So of course, when people visit a casino or play online, roulette might be the first thing that comes to mind and it might be the first table they head to. Yet there is more to say for this game than that it’s what James Bond played that time. It’s actually great fun in its own right. 

The roulette wheel comes in two different variations. There is the European version which has 37 pockets, and the American version which has 38 (the extra pocket is the 00). The bets are placed, the wheel is spun, and the ball is released. Where it lands determines who wins and who loses and what the winners might receive as a reward. 

You can bet in a few different ways with roulette. You can choose odd or even. You can choose red or black. You can choose inside or outside. You can even choose a specific number and/or colour combination. The more unlikely it is that the ball will land in the pocket you’ve bet on, the higher the return will be. So if you choose one pocket in particular there is hardly any chance at all of the ball landing there, so you’ll win a big pay out if it does. Choose a colour or odds and evens and the chances are much higher – 50/50 or so – and therefore the pay out will be smaller. 

The problem with roulette is that there is no control at all over the game for the player. This won’t suit all gamblers who like to have at least a little say in the way a game is going. 


Blackjack is the kind of game that not only interests those playing, but those all around as well – there will always be a crowd around a blackjack table. The game itself is extremely easy to play, which means anyone can do so whether it’s the first time they’ve ever walked into a casino or they’re regular visitors. The dealer will give each player two cards and then will deal themselves two cards. One of their cards will be facing up and the other will be facing down. The players add up the number on their two cards and decide whether they want to stick with what they have or take another card. 

Anyone who goes over 21 is bust and is out of the game. When all players who are still in have had enough cards, the dealer turns over his last card. If the dealer has a higher score than the players, he or she wins. If the players (or at least one of the players) has a higher score, or the dealer is bust, the player(s) win.

Easy to master and enjoyable to play, there is little to put people off playing blackjack, unless they prefer not to be watched plus of course the fact that the house edge is very low – around 0.5 percent, so you won’t make much of a profit even if you do win. What’s great about this game is that the player can control it to some extent. At least, they can choose whether to stick or twist (stay with their cards or take another). 

There are also plenty of side bets you can make on blackjack. You can bet, for example, on perfect pairs, 21 plus 3, or even take out ‘insurance’ in case you think the dealer has blackjack. 


Finally, we have the slots. Walking into a casino or logging into an online version means you will be regaled with these machines – they’re everywhere, and they are loud and bright and have flashing lights; they really want your attention. 

And why shouldn’t you give it to them? Slots are probably the most fun games to play since they offer a lot of variety but are simple in terms of what you have to do. Although you really only need to set your bet amount (and sometimes the number of paylines you are willing to bet on) and press a button, it’s still fun to watch the reels turning and the symbols appearing. 

For those who like to play alone, or who enjoy a bit of an adventure and backstory when they are placing a bet, slots can work wonderfully well. There is no need to really think too hard either, so you can play to unwind or when you’re tired if you want to – you won’t lose out because your mind isn’t totally focused. 

One of the best parts of playing slots is that there are often (although not always) bonus games too. Aside from the normal gameplay, these bonus games are different for each slot, and if you activate them they can offer free spins, additional prizes, or multipliers. This keeps the slot game exciting even if the normal way of playing is the same throughout. 


So what’s best? Is it the slots? Roulette? Blackjack? The truth is that each of these games is going to appeal to those who like a little flutter. Some might consider slots less ‘serious’ than the other two games, but in reality they all rely on luck more than skill, so they all work in about the same way when it comes to winning and losing. 

In the end, it’s going to be down to personal preference, but when you find a game you like, keep playing.