Beware The 6 Enemies Of Christmas

Who doesn’t love Christmas? It’s a time of year when the daily grind is set aside if only for a few days and the whole family comes together for good food, fun and revelry. It’s also a time of year when we take a lot of great pains to assure ourselves and our families that everything is perfect. We spend forever looking for a robust organic turkey that will feed your family, we agonize over finding or crafting the right gifts for our loved ones and we go through the house with a fine toothed comb to ensure that everything your family sees, hears and smells is a beautiful and resounding testament to the holiday spirit.


However well prepared you may be though, it could all be for nought if you fall afoul of the 6 enemies of Christmas. The Grinch has got nothing on any of these…



Burst Water Pipes

Your plumbing does such a great job, you assume it all works by magic… But a burst water pipe can easily take the magic out of your Christmas day. As you’ll see here at a burst water pipe can be repaired at short notice but the hassle and expense (not to mention the faceful of icy cold water) could put a serious damper on your holiday spirit. Pipes are liable to blow in cold snaps where water freezes inside them so protect them with insulation and thaw them manually when they freeze.


Fake Products

As hard as the year’s must have toy may be to come across for a busy parent, buying fake knockoffs (even unwittingly) could ruin your child’s Christmas. History has shown us that it pays for the discerning consumer to know their knockoffs. Remember the fiascos we’ve had with exploding hoverboards and iPhones that catch fire?


Your Pets

As much as you love them, your pets may not appreciate the effort you’ve put into a perfect Christmas this year. If your precocious pup has a nasty habit of shredding the presents under the tree or your feline friends have a storied history of trying to climb it (and sending a cascade of pine needles and shattered baubles after them), it’s a good idea to make an effort to keep them away from or at least supervised around it.


Colds and flu

The last thing anyone wants is to spend their Christmas day rooting through a sea of snotty Kleenexes to get to the stuffing. Make sure that your family’s flu vaccinations are up to date and that your diet is rich in foods that will boost your immune system.


Christmas Tree Syndrome

If you normally favor the synthetic Christmas tree think twice before going real this year. Unbeknownst to you, you or a member of your family may suffer from an allergy commonly known as Christmas tree syndrome. This presents with symptoms like coughing, sneezing, watering eyes, chest pains and insomnia. In extreme cases it can even lead to pneumonia.


Food Poisoning

If you’re having turkey this year, make sure that it’s well cooked. Few of us cook for large groups of people very often and this can throw off our delicate timings. A steak that’s a little on the rare side is one thing but an undercooked bird can result in a range of food related infections including campylobacter, salmonella and staphylococcus.


Just a little extra preparation and effort can ensure that your Christmas is free of these nefarious adversaries and remains an occasion that your family remembers forever.


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