Bigger Is Better: How To Get More Room Without Moving House

At some point in your life, you may realize that you need more space. Whether you bought a small house in the first place, or your family just keeps on growing, then you may find that you need to rethink your living situation. A lot of the time, most people will feel as if they’ve outgrown their home. And even though they love it, they feel as if they’re going to have to move to get the space they now need. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Instead of assuming you have to find somewhere bigger, why not just work on making your own home more suitable?




First of all, you could think about extending. If you have the space around the exterior of your home, and you’re not going to compromise too much on the quality of your yard, then this could be the best option already. You could consider stylish glass home extensions, a single story extension, or even a full extension that adds a large portion on to the house. You’re going to need to speak to an architect to see what will be feasible, and what you can afford, and then see if your plans can be approved. You may find that you can add a lot of value to your home by doing this, in a cost-effective way.



Next up, you could also consider doing a conversion. If you have an attic space or a basement that you don’t use, why not make better use of it? Instead of leaving it as a dumping ground, make it living space worthy. You can add on an extra living area of bedroom, or even two! That way, you get the space you need, make the most of the space you have, and increase the value of your home.



Make Room

At the same time, you could also think about making a little more room in the house by utilizing the garage more. If you use it to store your car and various other bits and pieces, they may not be the best option. But converting your garage into a living space can be worthwhile if you never really use it. If you go down the basement conversion route, you may not need to do this too. But if you have an empty garage, it’s something to think about.


Knock Down

From here, you could also think about adjusting the layout inside of the house. If you’re extending or converting different spaces, you may find that knocking down some internal walls to open up the space, or change the shape of rooms can allow you to have the extra room that you’re looking for.



Start Again

Finally, you could also think about completely starting again from scratch. If you have the space to get it done, and you can get the right permits, knocking down the entire house and rebuilding the house you want could be a great way to get your dream house, but still stay where you are.


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