Riding My Bike Helps Me Balance Family & Fitness

Spring is finally here!  The windows are getting opened and the cleaning has begun.  It’s the perfect time for kids to get outside and run off some of their pent up energy.  This spring, I’ve made it a personal mission to get outside and enjoy the family more.



One way that I’m going to do this is to take up family bike rides.  Riding a bike is not only a great way to spend time with my family, it also has wonderful health benefits.  This page has an amazing list of the health benefits that come alone with cycling.  Also view this cycling guide.


25 Health Benefits of Cycling


What changes do you plan on making this spring?  Will you focus on increasing the quality time you spend playing with your children?  Or are you focusing more on making healthy lifestyle changes?  I’m attempting to find the thin line that balances both – and I think that cycling is just that!


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