Bingo Lingo’s Starter Guide

To get to grips with bingo, players will need to know the lingo. What’s the lingo?

This is an index of words and phrases used in games at that regular players are all familiar with. But it’s just a game of picking random numbers, right? In fact, you couldn’t be more wrong. Perhaps you may find getting to know the lingo will change your perception.

Bingo calls

The bingo lingo is usually tied to the bingo calls. This is what occurs when the host draws and number at random. There are lots of different types of lingo that you may need to catch up on. So what are they?

Rhyming slang

The easiest and most common form of bingo call comes in rhyme. Some numbers are known to bingo players because of the rhyme called out.

For example, the number 37 is known as more than 11. 5 is man alive. The lingo has nothing to do with the number itself, it just so happens to rhyme. These will often be picked up the quickest by newer bingo players. But it does get more complicated.

Word association

Depending on where you happen to be playing bingo, certain numbers have different meaning attached. These meanings have become attached to the umbers and are in themselves, their own bingo lingo.

For example, in the UK Valentine’s Day takes place on the 14th of February. This is why the bingo call for the number 14 is Valentine’s Day. This is common knowledge and therefore players can work out what number is being referred to.

In the USA the number 21 is the legal drinking age. That is why this number 21 will be called out as the legal age.

We can see how words become part of the game depending on their unique cultural meanings. It makes everyone feel included.

Nicknames and puns

There are other types of the bingo lingo that aren’t tied to the numbers or bingo calls themselves. These come in the form of the jokes and banter performed by the caller and players.

There are playful nicknames given to players if they fit and it creates a social atmosphere. This is the reason bingo is so popular.

The sense of humour has its own style as well. It is mostly based around cheesy puns, smaller jokes that everyone will understand. This is done again as a form of inclusion and to hype up just how silly the game is.

It is well understood that bingo has a reputation for being a bit dry. That is why it’s community ramp up the cheese factor to make the game as enjoyable as possible.


Like with most games, bingo does have its own language. This is well known amongst the players and has even seeped into everyday life.

The language of bingo is something that all players should get to know. Noe because it is mandatory but because it makes bingo the most fun it can be.