Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

We live in an era where we like to be independant. Everyone seems to think the older generation is the most independent, but really, we have so many of their traits within ourselves. This could not be more relevant to things around the house or with children. We’re that house proud, that we like to think we can take on any task. Yes this may be more common in men, but women can be just as bad for it. Or, we think we can be super mom and do 100 tasks at once, when really it’s draining and stressful. Sometimes, you just need to accept some outside help.



Around The Home

If you’re a single mom, you’ll have learnt a trick or two when it comes to keeping the house in check. You’ll be a pro at fixing a leaky radiator, and if the toilet breaks? No doubt you’ll be on the case straight away. Painting and decorating is no issue. But when it goes too far, is when you think you can start complete renovations by yourself. Some people prefer to try this to save money. For example, if they’re having complete new kitchen units, some will gut out their old kitchen ready for the builders to put the new one in. But this can cause so many issues. You may damage electricity ports, plumbing or the underlay of your flooring. Use sites such as Snupit and save it for the professionals. If you’re juggling work, kids, a social life, and everything else inbetween, it may be best to get a professional to do your painting and decorating too. A rushed job will be a poor job, don’t be afraid to pay that little extra to keep your home in shape.



The Kids

Do you ever have that moment where the kids are fighting, or screaming, the food in the oven is burning, someone’s at the door, and you just feel like exploding? Well, we’ve all been there. Single parent or not, sometimes it’s just hard to deal with situations like this, maybe your partner is still at work or on nights. Getting help with the kids to keep your sanity is so important. Whether it be from your own parents, a friend, or even a child minder. It’s ok to accept that juggling it all is just a little too hard. Try leaving the kids with a relative or child minder for an hour after you come home from work. This will leave you time to clean the house, have ten minutes to yourself, and start the dinner. You’ll be refreshed, and everything will be in order.



Work can be challenging, yet so many people agree to take on more. How many of you have agreed to extra work, just to please your boss? It’s not worth it. You need to make sure you’re at a manageable level to keep your sanity. Biting off more than you can chew with work can lead to extreme stress levels, pressure and general worry outside of work.



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