Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday.  It’s the day after we are remembering how thankful we are for everything that we have.  And we celebrate it by shopping like a crazy person to obtain amazing deals on things that we want to obtain.  While I’m not one of those crazy people out there standing in lines for hours or beating everyone up to be the first one at the bin, I do enjoy purchasing things at a discount.  No matter what area you’re looking at, you can find a great deal on everything today!




Big ticket items are something that a lot of people save up to purchase on this day.  From televisions to new living room sets, you could score some great deals.  Sunpan has amazing furniture that will fit any style.  I just adore their Adeline Dining Chairs in teal! While these are items that you would need to plan ahead for so that you have the money, these are definitely worth snatching!



As a parent, looking towards Christmas fills me with great joy and also tremendous apprehension.  Each year, the kids get older and their tastes get more expensive.  While the big ticket item on the Santa Wish List used to be toy soldiers and trains, it is now XBox and iPods.  Black Friday helps relieve the stress of Christmas shopping a little bit by marking down the price on some of their desires.  I scored the new Hatchimals that my Goosie wanted for half price today!


Clothes & Towels

Each year, our elves bring the children new pajamas on Christmas Eve.  The kids absolutely love this, and so do I.  I love knowing that they will wear them to bed that night so that when we get up and open presents in the morning, my Christmas pictures will have them in nice, matching pajamas without holes or stains.  Black Friday tends to have clothes of all sorts, from pajamas and underwear to shirts and jackets, marked down.  It’s a great time to update your closet!


It’s also a wonderful time to stock up on towels too!  All towels –  kitchen towels, washrags, bath towels – get used so much throughout the year that it’s essential to replace them every now and again. Saasoh has luxurious towels in all forms that would be a great Black Friday shopping addition to your house!  Shop to see what I mean.


Kitchen Gadgets

There are always lots of kitchen appliances that are on sale today.  New knife sets, blenders, griddles, mini-fridges and more can be purchased at usually around half price.  If you’re looking to spruce up your cooking, this is a great day to get the new accessories you need to get the job done right.


Whether you head out first thing to witness the craziness of a true Black Friday sale to catch the doorbuster deals, or you wait until the chaos has calmed down and shop later in the day, there are great deals out there this time of the year.


Head out and do some shopping, and then let me know what kind of sale you found!