Blow Away Your Drafty Problems

Can you feel a breeze?


Normally, this would be perfectly fine if you were outside… it’s when you can feel a breeze in your home that you know you have a huge problem!


If you live in a drafty house, you will already know that they are very difficult to keep warm and, as a result, you might end up with higher energy bills than average.


Thankfully, though, you don’t have to live with these drafts. There are a few low-cost ways you can try and remove them and insulate your property better. Read on for some brilliant tips!



Get Some Draft Stoppers

You can buy draft stoppers in most household stores. They are perfect for preventing drafts from blowing under doors. They look like long cushion tubes, and you can often buy them covered in some very fun patterns and bright colors. If you can’t find any, you can always have a good at making some yourself. Simply take a long, wide strip of material and sew it into a cylinder. You can then stuff it with cushion stuffing. Laying it in front of a door will block any drafts from blowing under!


Check Your Air Conditioning Unit

If you have an air conditioning unit in an exterior wall, you might want to get it checked out. After a few years, the unit might become ever so slightly loose. Even though there is no way it would fall out, this looseness can cause gaps in the walls, which will let drafts into your home. You can find out more here about getting your unit serviced and maintained. An air conditioning professional will come to your home and check it out to ensure it isn’t causing any issues.


Hang Winter Drapes

Did you know that the curtains you hang in your home will also have an effect on the draftiness of your home? It’s true! If your curtains are made of a light fabric and don’t reach all the way down to the floor, then you will find that they let a lot of drafts from the window into your rooms. Ideally, you should invest in winter drapes, as these are made of a draft-proof, thicker fabric. More often than not, they reach down to the floor too.



Use Trees And Bushes

The landscaping in your garden can also have an impact on the overall heat of your home. It’s a good idea to plant trees and bushes around your house, as these can minimize the impact that the wind has on your home. These bushes and shrubs will block the wind and prevent any huge drafts from penetrating into your home. Just remember not to plant any large trees too close to your home as their branches and roots might end up damaging the building work.


If you follow all of the above tips, you will find that you can get rid of all your annoying drafts in no time at all. And then, you can enjoy a much warmer home!


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