Strengthen Your Bond With Your Children Playing Board Games

Building lasting memories with my children is something that I strive to accomplish daily.  Today we welcome guest blogger, Selena Thomas as she shares a wonderful way to accomplish this.  Board Games!



Strengthen Your Bond with Children Playing Board Games

Many a times I have pondered on the same question what’s the most beautiful moment for me. I feel so glad that the answer has never changed for me. It’s the very moment my little angel lovingly embraces me with her soft palms and feels protected when I kiss her back adoringly.



Journey as a Mother

My motherhood has made me realize I mean everything to my little one. From loving her to listening to  her talk, understanding her emotions, holding her hand, guiding her against all threats in life, taking decisions for her – she expects me to be there all the time. I still remember the cherry moment when for the first time I hold my newly born in hand and made a promise to myself I will be there with her as a friend and mentor forever to give her the best upbringing. You will be astonished to know board games have helped me a lot to bond with my little one.

It’s amazing when you feel the sublime connection that exists between a mother and children. Believe me, there’s no care that seems important to children than motherly care. Your unconditional love gives them a sense of assurance, warmth, and security that somebody is there to guide them in life. If your children don’t receive such love in early childhood, they become insecure and defiant. Therefore, do bond well with children for their healthy development.


Playing Board Games Helped

It was not at all smooth to bond with my girl in the beginning. One day the idea stricken my mind – how about accompanying her in playful activities to grow my bond with her? Physical playful activities would be too difficult me; besides it wouldn’t get me enough opportunity to interact with her. Therefore, I joined her in playing board games, which are educational and family friendly.




While playing board games, sitting together for long, laughing, interacting with her, and creating shared memories I’ve come so close to her, now she loves to share everything with me first. Long hours of play have developed a mutual understanding between us. Kids often complain that parents don’t have time for them. For me, board games have shown its magic before I would have faced any problem of that sort. In the playful journey, I have got to spend long hours with my little daughter, especially the way she has ever wanted. Besides, these have given me the scope to develop educational as well as social skills in kids.


A new Educational Game

I must tell you about an educational, interactive board game, named ‘It’s A Squirrel Life,’ that is going to be launched very soon. The reason why I’m so excited about this game is that it’ll take kids on a lively experience of a tree squirrel’s world, where they’ll get the chance to play, forage, or duel with fellow squirrels, moreover will learn about squirrel behaviors. I’ve decided that I’m going to contribute in the fund-raising campaign of this game, which is currently active in Kickstarter. After all, it’s a great idea to support such a creator, Randy Hecht, who is an animal lover and want to donate a percentage of profit to local animal charities.



As a mother I heartily salute Randy’s noble intention of creating such a board game that’ll bring a family together in its fun-loving journey. You can sit and enjoy for hours with kids – such a precious gift! Do you know kids will get to negotiate with other players in this game? So, if you’re going to join kids, you’ll surely bond well with them. It’s a great opportunity for you to make your kids practice STEM subjects. Wouldn’t you be interested to contribute even after knowing so much?


Final Suggestion

An easy, enjoyable play, I highly recommend this game for every kids who’re eight years old or more. It’s such an age where you need to be the special friend of your child for his healthy mental growth. This game is going to be a great help in your effort.




Thanks Selena for taking the time to share with us today!  It’s a Squirrel’s Life sounds like a wonderful board game!  I can’t wait to play it with my children.



What is your favorite board game?

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