Effective Ways to Boost Your Earning Power

If you’re a mama on a mission and you’re serious about making more money to ensure that you and your family are as financially sound as you can be, then you’re probably sick of articles telling you to cut back on coffee or cut off the cable and start selling your unwanted stuff. Sure, that stuff might help you save a bit and make a little, but it’s hardly an effective way to make significantly more money long-term.



Here’s what you really need; some effective ways to boost your earning power now and in the long-term:


Find the Jobs No One Wants to Do

A very effective way to boost your income is to determine and do the jobs that no one else wants to do; the things people would be willing to pay money to avoid themselves. Things like picking up the dog poop from the garden or cleaning cloth diapers – these are things that you can make money from if you’re willing to offer your services. So, find the jobs no one wants in your neighborhood and get to it!


Learn New Skills

Even if money is tight, if you can manage it, it’s worth investing in your education. Learning skills like Excel and powerpoint with a company like Training Connection can almost instantly boost your learning power, as can getting your nursing certification or finally finishing your degree, for example. Education is earning power personified!


Show Willing

If you currently have a job, then be the person who is always willing to go the extra mile. Don’t cry about something not being your job – if it needs doing, then do it. Your managers will notice it and when the time comes for someone to be promoted or salaries to be reviewed, guess who will go to the top of the pile?


Search for a Mentor

Finding a mentor, particularly if you’re young or you’re making the leap into a new career, or even starting your own business, is a great way to get ahead. So, get your networking thing on and find someone who’s where you would like to be however many years down the line. Ask them for advice, do what they do, and eventually, you will get to where they are and start making the big bucks.


Be a Mentor

As well as finding a mentor, it could be a good idea to yourself mentor someone else, even if it’s in the form of a blog like this one, where you can pass on your wisdom. Why should you do this? Because when you help other people, they are more willing to help you, and you never know what connections others might have. Of course, helping other people is just what good people do!



Plan Everything

If you want to be earning more 12 months from now, then you obviously need a plan to achieve it. You might need a plan to get money to start a new business, to save on the essentials or to get a certain qualification – whatever it is, sit down and plan each and every step to get you there.


Here’s to making more money in the future!

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