Bored On Maternity Leave? Here’s How You Can Keep Busy

A baby arriving into your family is a blessing, but it’s one that interrupts the usual routines and regimes that you have been used to for a long time. It’s hard to imagine that you could ever get bored on maternity leave but believe me when I say it’s totally possible. Not being out of the house and seeing colleagues during the day, friends for Friday night drinks and even the strangers on the commute isn’t easy to cope with, so you have to find ways to keep your mind buzzing and fresh for the time it takes for the baby to turn up.



Most moms love to spend their initial maternity leave relaxing, catching up with sleep and just enjoying the peaceful quiet before a little firework rockets into their lives. Then there are the other moms that will be looking at a reverse mortgage aarp calculator to see how much they can borrow to totally redo the nursery and the house before the baby gets there. Two types of moms, two very different maternity leaves. When the baby actually arrives, you’ll never really find peace again until they’ve moved out and headed to college. While that’s not something parents tend to look forward to, it’s the reality of parenthood: no more quiet time until they grow up. Once the mega rush of visitors stops coming to your home, you will find that you have pockets of time stretched ahead of you with not much to do – especially during nap time. So, how can you keep yourself busy and your mind thriving during your leave?



I cannot stress enough that while you won’t always sleep when the baby does, you should at least try to rest. Babies are asleep more than awake in those early days, and that’s your cue to sit and veg out on your smartphone. Binge watch a box set, lay down in bed and doze while your baby sleeps. It won’t be long until they are crawling, and you’ll never sit down again.



Join Groups.

There are so many mother and baby groups that you won’t know which to choose but getting yourself out there and meeting other parents in the same position that you are in is so important. Not only can meeting new people keep you social, it gives you a chance to relate to others in your shoes.


Batch Cook.

As you’re at home and looking for something to do, why not batch cook some new recipes and freeze them? Not only can you free up your time for groups or lounging, you could also learn a new skill or passion that you didn’t know you had.


Maternity leave should always be reserved for sleep, showering in peace and eating good food, but it can get a little boring if your life is usually full and busy. Take the time to learn how to slow down and enjoy your baby and their first months: you won’t get that time back again!


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