5 Cool Ways to Brighten Up Your Home on a Budget

Don’t worry you don’t need to spend a fortune to spruce up your living space. If you’re feeling a little restless and think your interior needs a bit of care, take a bit of time to decorate this summer. Give your place the personal touches it needs to reflect your unique character, and finally, make the place your own. Here are some cool and creative ways you can revamp your home this summer. 


If you’re up to the challenge, why not create some art yourself? You can check out a painting or drawing workshop online to learn the basics if you’re not an expert. If you don’t feel confident in your own artistic talents, why not a member of your family involved? Something more personal will definitely add a lot of character and sentimental value. You could create a piece out of recycled around the house, or photos if you’re not feeling very inspired. 


How about adding some comfort to your living room and bedrooms with rugs, carpets, pillows, and throws? This can help to create insulation and warmth as well, particularly carpets as you won’t lose as much heat through the floors. Stick to the more sustainable second-hand option and find some cheap bargains. Find patterns with white or lighter lines to help to throw light around the room. Color schemes trending this year are navy against white, natural blues and greens and soft pinks and peaches. Go for as wild a pattern as you like. As for patterns in 2020, anything goes so choose whatever best suits your personality.


Fortunately, overspending on lavish or ostentatious furniture just isn’t the done thing anymore. If you really wanna show off your living space, you’ve got to decorate it yourself with recycled materials. Get creative by refurbishing with used fabrics. Select your favorite designs to spruce up your chairs, sofas, bedding, and cushions. Upcycling is trending massively this year. You can create fun projects big or small, and find a new use for many different household items.


Try adding life to a room with some plants or flowers. There are plenty of low maintenance options if you’re not naturally green-thumbed. Plants eat air pollution and help to refresh the atmosphere. They are also proven to improve your mood and to create a relaxing and welcoming environment. Use upcycling to make your own plant pots inspiration online. You can start by setting up window boxes or move on to the garden. 


What could be better at the end of the day than relaxing with incense and meditation? You could set up an area with scented candles or oils. You could try decorating your bathroom with welcoming incense or diffusers. You can also investigate the different properties of certain herbs, as they can be very beneficial. 

Make 2020 the year to save money, look to the future and for more advice, check out some better deals on universal life insurance. Give yourself the freedom to enjoy life.