Bubbling Charcoal Mask – Mom’s Exciting Pampering Time

In the evening, when I’ve finally gotten the kids to bed – that’s my time.  I don’t mean the time when I have told the kids it’s bedtime, but yet you know they will be down at least twenty times.  Whether they need a drink, or the scary monster is back in the closet and they can’t fall asleep, the process of getting the littles to actually go to, and stay in bed is one that should be rewarded.  I enjoy spending some, Mommy Time, each evening as my reward for a job well done.  I mean, the kids made it through the day alive and now they are sleeping – that deserves to be celebrated!


Imagine Determology has created a product that provides pampering with a slight twist.  When I learned about this, I was delighted to be selected to give it a try.  They have created a fun, fizzy, fabulous face mask!  It’s called the Bubbling Charcoal Mask.  This mask uses activated charcoal and clay to purify, detoxify and hydrate the skin while providing essential minerals.  I have never seen a product that works this way, so when I finally got the kids to bed last night, I was super excited to see what it was like.


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After reading the instructions, I put a couple of pumps into my palm and then began apply the gray cream to my face.  You start with one cheek, then do the other, then move to your chin, then your forehead and end with your T-Zone and nose.  Within moments the gray goop is bubbling on your face, so you’ll want to stick with this pattern.  The directions advise that you leave 1/4 – 1/2 inch around your eyes and mouth – and I want to stress that you need to make sure to follow this step!  When it bubbles, it does spread a bit.  I got a little too close near the one eye and was a little worried that it would keep bubbling right on into my eye, which thankfully it didn’t.  When you’re done applying, you’ll look like you’ve got some strange gray matter growing out of your face — see image for clarification.  Sorry in advance for any nightmares the photo may provide.



The feeling that this mask creates when it is on is something that I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before.  As the creamy mixture that you put on your face is doing whatever it is that it does that makes it bubble, you can almost feel the impurities and gunk just bubbling right on out of your skin.  It is such a fun, refreshing feeling.  It’s somewhere between a tickle and a massage.  It’s hard to explain.  You’ll just have to get your own mask and see for yourself!



After you wash it off, your skin will be amazing!  I have super sensitive skin, so when I washed I admit my face was a little red, but within a few minutes the redness was gone without any further effort or product.  What was left behind was super soft skin that has a beautiful radiant glow to it.  I used this mask for the first time last night, and today I have noticed that my skin looks healthier.  I usually have a light red tint to my complexion and it isn’t there today!  I am thoroughly impressed with this mask, and cannot wait until it’s time to use it again!


Whether you’re planning a spa night for the ladies, or just wanting a little something to pamper yourself with, you really should get the Bubbling Charcoal Mask.  Every Mom deserves to be pampered as a reward for a job well done.  What better reward can their be than healthier skin on your beautiful face?


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